February 12, 2017

Wardah Intense Matte Lipstick + Maybelline Baby Lips Electro Pop

I lost my precious lip balm that I bought in Japan during the chinese new year dinner with my family last month so I had to buy another one. Since they don’t sell the maybelline baby lips glow here, so I just bought the electro pop one. And the flavor is surprisingly good lol.

Aaaaaaand there’s this local brand called Wardah which has been quite popular around makeup lovers here because of its quality and cheap price. I was curious and some of their lipsticks were on sale, so I decided to buy them.
I bought these intense matte lipsticks from Wardah. It’s not a liquid lipstick so it’s easier to apply them while driving lol. I bought the mauve mellow and blushing nude. Although they called it intense matte lipstick which is totally an exaggeration, it’s more like a satin lipstick, which is good for my lips else they’d be awfully chapped. 

Nude colored lipstick was so so so so popular last year and I’m just a fan of pink colored lipstick even though I don’t really like wearing them. 

The mauve one doesn’t look like any kind of purple to me. But it looks like a very good nude color so I love it so much. And the formula doesn’t dry my lips which is a plus for me. It actually kinda looks like my lips’ natural color so it’s definitely my fav.

The pink one was also a pretty color and is a good nude-ish pink color, since they call it blushing nude. I haven’t really worn it yet tho.

I’m not really a lipstick fan but these intanse matte lipsticks from Wardah isn’t bad. I really really really their creamy texture. It’s probably the creamiest lipstick I’ve ever worn lol. l I’ll still probably wearing them next week until I get bored.
I just checked my blog and apparently I haven’t written about the too faced melted lipstick that I bought a few months ago. I haven’t really written much since my laptop was stolen. I’ve always wanted to write something for myself as I use this blog as a personal diary and I like reading old posts of mine. But I’m just too lazy to write anything especially when my life gets so busy lol.