March 9, 2016


R turned 22 last week! So R, C, and I (kind of) celebrated her birthday last Monday~!
We went to GI and had lunch at Benedict. I met R at H&M and she gave me a tour of the store because she’s been working for the brand for a while now lol. Then C came about 30 min later and we went to the restaurant. 
I ordered the carbonara and it’s really good! Although the egg was so small :/
We also got her cakes from the set we ordered, although we ate most of them because she was too full because of her nutella milkshake. 
It’s a nice yet quick meeting because we had to get out of the area before the 3 in 1 rule started lol. Hopefully we could meet again soon. It’s really nice to meet them because they don’t talk bad about everything I like. I don’t need friends who talk bad about literally everything I like, even if they’re just joking.

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