February 11, 2016

東京, zagin, akiba

After postponing a few times, I finally went to Tokyo lol. I went to Tokyo quite often, but I'd never really been to 東京 (well I kinda went there for JW but I didn't get to explore the area). I planned to go there on January 14th, but I was too lazy to get up in the morning. I planned to visit zagin (aka ginza, idk why they like to call it zagin instead) so I had to go there early since it took around an hour from my place to zagin.

I didn't went there as early as I planned. I arrived there at around 2:30pml. But I finally wasn't too lazy to get up from the bed lol. There's a looooot of Chinese and Korean tourists there. I didn't find anything interesting in Ginza.

Then I walked to the Imperial Theater because it's nearby and JW was currently showed there. I wish I could watch it again..... and the public can buy the goods without actually watching the show! I wanted to buy a set of Yugo's pic for my friend, but I kinda short on money so I didn't get it :(

Then I went to Imperial Palace which was nearby. The view was great, nothing special though. Lots of tourists taking pics. I'd rather go to Imperial Theater because there were huge banners of JW in front of the building lol.

Then I walked to Tokyo eki! The buildings around there were like European buildings so it's nice to see a different side of Japan! Kinda reminded me of Kota Tua lol. I think they're mostly office buildings. I wanted to ride the city tour bus but I didn't know how, no english information whatsoever around there, and I didn't find the price list either. Sooooooo I went to akiba instead using the Yamanote line.

I saw the AKB48 cafe right after going outside the eki (station). I used to think that the theater is there as well, but it's actually at the top floor of donki in akiba! I went to donki there to check on some suitcases and bags because I need to buy one for my stuff. Even the dvd they played on the TVs sold there were AKB48 lol.

Akihabara is known for its electronic stuff and anime and manga. There were many anime manga goods store. But I was glad that I found some Johnny's billboards there. I went to animate and some random stores. I looked for tokiya's stuff but I didn't find the one I wanted! So I didn't buy anything there. I went home probably around 6:30pm after failing to hang out at starbucks because it's full af.

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