February 29, 2016

leap day!

It’s leap day which only happens once every 4 years. Since I haven’t written anything for quite some time, I’m going to write the recap of my life since I got back here.
  • I met my grandma during the cny.
  • I went to school several times to take care some stuff
  • I met C and R yayyyyyyyyy
  • I met some of my friends in school
  • Finally my group’s proposal was accepted last week so we can finally start making our thesis
  • My dog has fucking ticks idk wtf happened when I was away for months but now he has fucking ticks poor my dog and myself (because those bastards also bit me several times). Luckily most of them are fucking dead now thanks to me.
  • I’m sure I gained my weight because of all the food that I ate here, not because of the food I ate in Japan. I fucking starved myself to save some money to buy stuff there. I’m as fat as a pig, and I ate bacon yesterday and today. omg.
  • The spring term started last week, but I’m still not assigned to any classes because of my uni is so dumb I don’t even wanna talk about it.
  • I stupidly didn’t close the lid of my water bottle properly and the water spilled to the bag and drowned my stuff including my iphone which i used as an ipod and now it’s dead.

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