February 11, 2016

Harajuku ♥

I have officially declared that Harajuku is my favorite place in Japan lol. Why??? because of the idol stores obv! So I went there on my last week in Japan twice lol. I went there in January 30th, to buy some pics in Johnny's Shop. I bought around 20s pics, and most of them are Kento's lol. I also bought Jr., arashi, and Hey! Say! JUMP pics.

Then I went to takeshita dori to find the shop that I went there a while ago with D but I couldn't find it!! I wanted to get another nakajima kento gacha so I'd have two keyrings of him :/ but I found gorakudoh instead!!!! It's a store that sells Johnny's related goods! Concert goods, CDs, DVDs, the goods that you get if you buy the limited edition cds/dvds, penlights, posters, photos, uchiwas, and even the goods from their dorama!

My cash was limited at that time so I had to get some money on 7/11 first in order to buy some goods I wanted. I bought a keychain from SZ 2013 concert goods, and an uchiwa of kento! It's definitely the most expensive keychain I've ever bought lol. It's 3000 yen and the uchiwa was 1500 yen. I really want to start my own idol business because it seems to generate a lot of money lol.

Then I went to another store underground, which I don't know the name. It sold pics and posters. So apparently the papa pics that are quite rare on the net are sold there! I didn't buy anything at that time, because I've bought a bunch of pics from JS.

Luckily, I had to buy another bag because some of my stuff were still unpacked and all of my bags & suitcases were already full so I had to go to Tokyo again in February 1st. I also managed some time to visit Harajuku again, for the last time before going back to Indonesia on 3rd February. So I went to the same route as I went there the last time + omotesando because I wanted to buy gudetama stuff in kiddyland.

So I bought another pictures on Johnny's Shop. I really didn't really think when writing the numbers on the form this time, because it'd take a loooooooooong time until I could go back there again. I bought another bunch of pics of Sexy Zone, Jr., Hey! Say! JUMP, and KAT-TUN! Sadly some of the old Jr. pics were already removed and I couldn't buy the pic that I hesitated to buy the last time I was there! It's a pic of Mr. King and Hirano Sho was super cute there but I'm not really a fan of the other 2 so I hesitated to buy it and now I totally regret it! So I really didn't think twice for all pics that I bought that day after that sad experience :/

Then I went to Takeshita dori from the front side (I usually went there from the back) and went to the underground shop to buy some pics. I only bought Kento's pics lol. I wanted to buy some pics of Taiga as well because all of his pics on JS weren't really appealing to me, but I didn't in the end idk why lol.

I also went to gorakudoh to check on some goods again. I saw the blue towel (aka kento's version) which was a gift for sexy zone 3rd album shop edition or something, that I saw on the internet and I really wanted it. I didn't buy it the first time I went there because I had to save some money, but thankfully my dad sent me some money that night so I could buy more Johnny's goods LOL. I wanted to buy some KAT-TUN stuff because I used to really really really like them and their songs are really really really really good. But there's nothing really useful so I only bought two uchiwas of Jin! I was really glad that I could still find Akanishi Jin uchiwas there because he's left Johnny's for a few years now. The uchiwas weren't in perfect condition but it's Jin and they're only 100 yen each so it's perfect for me lol. I'm actually both happy and sad because it's only 100 yen, meanwhile old arashi uchiwas were still expensive AF but no wonder actually.

Luckily I found the gacha shop again!! So I got some gacha of kento and stones. I wanted either matsumura hokuto or kyomoto taiga gacha. I got shintaro at first, and kinda didn't want to play it anymore because I'm really bad at spending money on gacha lol (remember how I spent more than IDR500k on utapri gacha?). But I thought what if hokuto or taiga would come out next?? So I DID SPEND ANOTHER 300 YEN AND I GOT TAIGA YAYYYYYYYYY!!! I didn't continue because I was afraid I'd spend too much money there until I got hokuto. Apparently, the store also sold some other stuff, so I bought some other stuff lol. I bought sekuzo and kento pencils. I thought they're pens, apparently they're pencils......... well at least it'll now last forever and ever because they ain't cheap fucking pencils. I wanted to buy some hirano sho or iwahashi genki stuff too, but I didn't. I'd probably would if I didn't spend my money on clothes a few months before :(

Then I went to kiddyland in omotesando area. I wanted to buy gudetama doll that I've seen countless times everytime I went to kiddyland. I also wanted to buy the fucking expensive but cute hello kitty lunch box but it wasn't sold anymore!!! So I just bought gudetama doll, gudetama card holder, kirimi-chan card holder, and hello kitty phone strap. I wanted to buy the talking gudetama doll but it's more expensive than the super soft doll so I just bought the silent doll instead lol. I'd freak out if that doll could talk.

I had to buy another bag at donki (because I wanted to buy the same one that I bought there a while ago) so I went to the one in Shinjuku because I'd never been to the store in Shinjuku. I went there using the JR Yamanote line, and look at what I saw on the JR harajuku eki!!!!

I'm so proud to finally see him on a banner on a public area where a lot of people passing by LOL. The movie is going to be released soon so there's a lot of promotion going on right now! Sadly I'm not in Japan anymore :'( I hope a lot of people will watch it while it airs there meanwhile I'll just wait until the DVD is released and someone give a subtitle for it lol.

Anyway, I'm glad that I could visit shinjuku again, I thought I wouldn't get to go there again before I go back to ID. I didn't find the duffel bag that I was looking for though, so I had to go to Donki in Machida to buy it -_-

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