February 9, 2016

Farewell Party

I've arranged 2 farewell parties in the past. I'll get two for myself this year! Actually one has happened on 14th last month. It's the farewell party for exchange students in my uni in Japan! Ironically, I rarely hung out with them. They gave me this message boards and I'm 100% sure most of them didn't know what to write lol.

I was kinda late there (thankfully I wasn't the one who arrived there the latest). They served a loooooot of food. I was grateful that I didn't have to buy dinner that night lol.

I also managed to take some pics with my classmates there! I also finally met another person who likes Johnny's! Well she actually only likes Hey! Say! JUMP. She watched the new year's eve concert on kyocera dome last year! I'm so jealous!

I even took a pic of myself in front of the school! It's dark though lol.

It was quite okay. I got home before it got too awkward. It was already awkward actually because idk I just didn't really have any friends there. I was also too busy searching the news about smap because they were announcing their disband a few days ago and I just knew that day from my friend. It's also the day I lost my flash disk. I was so sad :/

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