January 25, 2016

Tokyo DisneySea

I'd wanted to go to Disneysea since the day I know it exists. However, it's not my priority to go to Disneysea before going here (yup, my #1 priority is to buy johnny's stuff). I think it'd be best to go there when I go to Japan with my friends in the future (which I don't know when). 

I ended up going there anyway. I went there in January 12th. I thought it'd be miserable to go there alone because I always envy people who hang out with their friends whenever I see them. But apparently I was too busy figuring out the location of the attractions on the map and I wasn't the only one going there alone. I think there were quite a lot of people who went there only to shop(?), because of the duffy bear was somehow very popular.

The view wasn't as pleasing as Disneyland. It was quite dull and boyish(?), meanwhile Disneyland(s) are pretty and just wonderful to see. However, the rides in Disneyland are more suitable for kids, while the rides in Disneysea are more for adults.

I planned to go there at 8am because it took almost 2 hours to go there from my place. But I woke up late so I went there at 9am and arrived there at 11am instead lol. I had to transit a few times, Shinjuku, Tokyo, and finally Maihama. It was also my first time to be at Tokyo station and I was kinda confused (but it's definitely not as confusing as Ikebukuro station).

I could see the castle in Disneyland from the Maihama station. Then I rode the Disney Resort train to go to Disneysea. The ticket wasn't cheap. It was 6900 yen. It's totally understandable though since it's Disney. But honestly I wish I spent it on Johnny's stuff instead.

The first attraction I rode was Aquatopia. I kinda didn't want to ride it at first, but then I saw a person who rode it alone so I just rode it anyway lol. It's definitely not what I expected. It spun a lot and I couldn't help but feeling funny because all I could do was to share it to my friends via snapchat. 

Then I rode the StormRider. I'm not really a fan of the theater type attraction, because I found them mostly boring. It was quite good though, definitely not as boring as the one in USS.

The next one I rode was the Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was the first thrill attraction I rode there, and I hadn't rode one for 3 years. So I was definitely thrilled lol. I used the fastpass to ride it. The last time I went to Disneyland was when I was in high school. I forgot that you can only get one fastpass for every 2 hours. So the next fastpass I took was definitely the tower of terror fastpass.

The prettiest thing in DIsneysea is definitely Ariel's castle. The rides there were all for kids as well. I rode some of them though lol. Most of the attractions were inside the castle. It's kinda dark inside, but definitely beautiful. I really love the view there! I rode the Jumping Jellyfish which is probably like mini tower of terror and enjoyed the view from there. Then I went to Ariel's playground. There's this rope bridge there and honestly it's scarier than the tower of terror for me lol. 

Then I went to the Lost River Delta area. There's Raging Spirits roller coaster and I love roller coasters. The waiting time was only 40 minutes so I decided to ride it without the fastpass. Apparently it has single rider line (and I think the only one there) sooooo I only had to wait for probably 15 minutes. I was kinda not ready so I screamed a little there. However, the others were unbelievably quiet so I was like :/ because no one was screaming their enjoyment as well. It wasn't fun dude, you gotta say "woooooooo" on those kind of rides.

Then I went to Arabian Coast which is nearby there and rode the Sindbad's Storybook Voyage. Sadly, it's all in Japanese so I understood nothing. It's like Istana Boneka in Dufan and some of the dolls were kinda scary lol. Then I bought a smoked chicken drumstick that was sold in a stand nearby because I was really hungry and didn't want to faint there. Luckily it's delicious and only 500 yen! It didn't make me full but enough to keep myself from starving. 

I took another fastpass for the Indiana Jones ride. Then I went to find an ATM because I only had less than 3000 yen. I saw the 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea ride was pretty empty on my way to the ATM (the queue was pretty long when I took a fastpass for the Journey to the Center of the Earth) so I decided to ride it. I had no idea what it'd be like. So I rode a small submarine boat along with 4 other people, and it's like we were actually going under water. I was honestly scared and probably it's the scariest ride there for me, because it's small, dark, and it's as if we're under water (and I can't swim), and there were monsters as well -_- so I couldn't help but thinking the worst scenario that could happen in my mind. It was finally over after what I felt like a decade and I went to the ATM. Apparently it's only for Japanese and Chinese issued cards soooooooo I couldn't get my money there. It's a good thing though because I didn't end up spending a lot of money there.

It was still a while until I could ride the Indiana Jones ride, so I checked out the Toy Story area. However, the fast pass for the attraction wasn't available anymore and the queue was quite long, so I just watched the Mr. Potato talking in Japanese there for a while. I also watched the show at American Waterfront for a bit. Then I went back to the Lost River Delta and waited 15 minutes or so until I could ride the Indiana Jones ride. It was around 3-4C° that day and it was rainy a bit in the morning. Luckily I wore a scarf and a coat thick enough for the weather. I didn't realize it was that cold until I saw smokes coming out from people's mouths when they talked lol.

Finally it's the time to ride the Indiana Jones ride and it was fun. The ride was shaped like a car so and it's like we were riding a car there. The view was quite amazing too. I love Disneyland/Disneysea because they really have good interior design with their rides. 

Then I went back to Mermaid Lagoon to ride the Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster. It's actually just to kill some time before I could ride the Tower of Terror. I thought I wouldn't get to ride all of the rides that I wanted to ride because I wasn't there as early as I planned, luckily I did! I even rode the Raging Spirits twice because I had no idea where to go anymore. The second time I rode Raging Spirits was with a mother and her 2 daughters and it's definitely better than the first one because they weren't silent. I still had some time to kill before I could ride the Tower of Terror. I just wandered around some shops there.

Finally it's the time to ride the Tower of Terror! I thought it'd be like Histeria in Dufan, but it's definitely waaaaaay better! So it's like riding an elevator and seeing some stuff. It still dropped and went up in a sudden though, but not as thrilling as I thought it'd be. The view was totally amazing from up there because it's already dark and the lights made everything pretty. I definitely was grateful that I got to ride it after the sunset!

Then I went to S. S. Columbia in American Waterfront because I saw some people were there and I thought the view would be great from up there, and yes it was! I was kinda lost at first and ended up at the dining room instead. It seems like an expensive restaurant because there's also a bar there. 

I wanted to ride the DisneySea Transit Streamer Line before going home, so I did! I also bought the milk chocolate flavored popcorn that I'd been wondering what's the taste like since the first time I saw it. The chocolate popcorn in USS was better. The view was okay but it's just nice to be riding a boat there. 

I finally went home at 7pm. However, I stopped at Tower Record Mini near the Tokyo Station first because it's the day before Summer Paradise in TDC DVD was released sooooo I just had to buy it that so I could get the poster lol. I think I bought the last one in that store! I also bought the Summer Concert 2014 which has the documentary dvd as well. It's actually 1000 yen more than my budget, but luckily I only spent less than 8000 yen for Disneysea.

I was happy in Disneysea, but spending my money on Johnny's stuff definitely made me happier lol. I definitely enjoy DisneySea more than I thought I'd do, but I wish I could go to DisneySea with my friends in the future asap. It'd definitely be more fun if I went with them.

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