January 19, 2016

netflix and snow

I actually planned to go out a lot this month. Apparently I can’t do it because I miscalculate my budget for this month :/ So I’m stuck at my apartment binge watching netflix. I may not be able to stream a lot once I go back to ID because there’s a quota for the internet :( I have watched several movies, about a boy, jessica jones, and now I’m watching the flash. Although I multitask it while designing some posters and editing photographs that I want to sell once I get back to ID. Hopefully this one will be successful because I want to buy a new camera lol.
I should probably make some posts about a farewell party, sz’s new dvd, and some other stuff. But I’m kinda lazy to get the pics from google photos because my phone isn’t synced with dropbox anymore. My 50gb free space has expired since a few months ago. I wish the tumblr app allow us to upload pictures to the text post so I’ll be more productive in blogging :/
oh and finally it was snowing last night! I was so excited because it’s my first time to see real snow falling from the sky lol. I even took a picture of it!

I took the pic at almost 3am lol. There’s not so much snow left when I went outside at almost 5pm. I think it may be all gone by now :/ hopefully it’ll snow again anytime soon!

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