January 22, 2016

Johnny's World

I started a gratitude journal because of this thing. I watched Johnny's World earlier this month. One of the reasons I came here was to watch them, but I didn't really plan to watch Johnny's World because I was sure that I wouldn't understand a thing. I wanted to watch a concert, but SZ isn't going to have a concert until March and yet I'll already be back in ID in March. So I decided to watch Johnny's World 2015-2016 instead.

I didn't know how to buy a ticket, so I asked about it on tumblr. I didn't know anyone who wanted to watch it either, so I also asked anyone on LJ. Luckily, there's this very nice fan who's also in Japan and wanted to watch JW. Thankfully, she has watched some concerts before so she knew how to buy tickets. We decided to watch the one on January 8th. Then I met her last November to pay for my ticket and we also went to Johnny's Shop together.

Finally, we met again in January 8th. We went to Harajuku first to buy the famous crepes and then go to Takeshita dori to take some purikura. I also found the gacha machines of Johnny's talents and it's definitely my second fav place in JP lol. I got the gacha of Kento, but the machine was stuck so I had to get the staff to fix it first. Luckily she understood me lol.

Then we went to Imperial Theatre. We rode the train on Yamanote lain and got off in Yurakucho. We were there quite early and the previous show hadn't even ended yet. There were only a few other fans who were waiting there. So we took some pictures in front of the building because there are these huge banners of them lol.

We were told to queue around 15min before the gate was opened. We didn't understand what the person was talking about and he seemed quite mad because we were still standing in front of the gate. There were also some other people who were still standing there. Seeing his face, I just went to the side of the building where people started queueing.

People started shopping once they got inside. There's also the guinness world record certificates displayed there. Then I also started to queue to buy some of the merchandise. I definitely spent more money than I was supposed to. I bought a bag, a map, a pack of photos, and the freaking expensive pamphlet. My budget was only 2k yen for that day, but I spent around 4k only for the goods lol.

The show finally started after we waited for what I felt like a decade. They kept playing the videos of old concerts and summary. I still remember the scene where kamenashi kazuya sang one night for dream boys. So, I had to sit really straight to the chair. Wtf man I don't like sitting straight and honestly if I didn't sit straight the person behind me would see clearer since I won't block their view. But there's a staff who told us to not do so, so I had to freaking stay straight for 75 minutes. I was even scared to move because I didn't want the staff to come back. That's the first reason I didn't really enjoy the show. 

I only slightly understood the show, and it was because there's a storyline written on the pamphlet. I was really thankful it somehow had the english translation on it. I still wondered though, why there must be titanic scene lol. Then suddenly kento and shori was fighting. Then Kento was in hell or something idk I really don't understand lol but the scene seemed like he was in hell because there's like satanic voice and fire lol. 

I was really grateful that I got to watch them live, although it's not a concert. I know kento is like really good being an idol, apparently I just realized that he's freaking good in dancing too. My seat was far away from the stage but I could recognize him thanks to his very elegant way of walking. The closest one I could see was nagase ren when he was flying. I was honestly shocked because he just appeared out of nowhere and the way he looked at the audience was kinda scary lol I was like wtf man you need to chill out. I wish it were hirano sho instead of nagase ren though, because he's just so freaking handsome total ikemen idk why such a guy exists. I've always stoned by his face ever since he only appeared for a few minutes on shokura, along with his old group before mr king, way more before the sharks. It's kinda difficult to find out what his name was and I had to google each jr member on wiki to find him lol. Anyway, he did a lot of baton trick during the show, but he also dropped the baton every time. I was soooo into myself-during-stageplay-training-period that I wanted to comment on almost all things. It honestly made me tired to watch them because I had these thoughts while watching them. I probably wouldn't have these thoughts if I never joined the drama thingy a few years ago. I probably would have enjoyed the show more. I probably wouldn't spot mistakes here and there. 

I'm still grateful though that I could watch them live, and joined the drama thingy a few years ago. There's this scene where all group members were supposed to be there, but hokuto wasn't with stones. I just hoped that he was okay. He joined the group later though. I'm also grateful that I could watch Kento performing Forever L live. That's like my fav song of his ever. Thanks to that song, he went back to be the good guy and back on earth.....I guess? lol. I really need someone to explain the whole story to me because I have a loooot of questions.

The show was ended, and I felt great that I watched the show, even though I have lots of questions to ask. I also saw the super grandpa, Mr. Johnny Kitagawa himself on my way out! A lot of people kinda slowed down there and I got curious too. I saw an old man with probably 10 bodyguards around him and eventually saw his face and yup I'm sure it's him. I think he was meeting with someone there because I saw him talking to someone wearing a suit or something. If no one else was there and it was only me and him, I'd probably bombarded him with all of the questions I have since he's the producer of the show. 

I was struck by the sadness that I didn't really enjoy the show while I was on my way home. However, I have also made a resolution to myself that I want to be more grateful this year and thankfully I remembered that. So I made the grateful post instead omw home on tumblr so I would at least feel less sad, and I was.

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