January 7, 2016

Hello Kitty Instax Mini

I bought a new tooooyyyyyyy~!
I’m so in love with it! I’ve always wanted an instant camera for a very looooooong time. Fujifilm had this instax 25s hello kitty but I don’t think it’s sold anymore since I’ve never seen it here. They sell this one now instead. It’s launched in 2014. 
It’s super cute right???!!! I really love it because of the shape and it’s matte! I love the feeling when I touch matte stuff~ I bought this one in Kiddyland at Venus Fort in Odaiba. It was 9880yen+tax and I wish I bought it at yodobashi camera instead because it’s like 300 yen cheaper :/
I’ve taken a few pictures with it. I took these at Ueno Zoo two days ago but the pictures turned out to be quite dark. I set the exposure as recommended from the camera but I’ll probably just use the cloudy one instead when I’m going to take pictures outdoor in the future.

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