January 2, 2016


Although the white team didn’t win the kouhaku last year, but this year definitely was started by incredibly wonderful things on Johnny’s Countdown!
I did predict that the red team was going to win because they just kept giving incredibly wonderful performances, meanwhile the only performances I remember from the white team was sexy zone, arashi, and kanjani8. I was even amazed by the performances from people I didn’t even recognize from the red team! But the most exciting one for me was definetly AKB48 because of the surprise appearances lol.
Aaaaaaand Marius did bring the uchiwa of the other 4 lol. No Jr. was watching along with him though. I still remember when Kento was the only one performing for Sexy Zone and he ran to the others who were sitting along with other under aged Jr, and now there’s only Marius who sat there! And Shuji to Akira!!! I was so excited and I cried lol. And Fumito and Matsujun!!! I was laughing the whole time while watching them LOL. It’s definitely the best Johnny’s Countdown I’ve ever watched!

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