January 11, 2016

First Trip in 2016

I finally went to Odaiba last Monday!!! It’s the place where Digimon Adventure was set and since I’m a huge fan of Digimon so it’s definitely a must visit place for me LOL!
However, I went to sengaku-ji first because it’s not so far from there. Sengaku-ji is the temple where 47 ronin’s graves are. Sooooooo since Akanishi Jin played a role in the 47 ronin movie, it’s kinda a must-visit place for me too. I wanted to took a looooot of pics but there were also people who came to pray for the ronin so I didn’t want to disturb them by my shutter sound. 
There were a lot more people than I expected! (I only expected 2-3 people would be there) I was also video calling T while I was there (and in odaiba too) but honestly I didn’t find it to be very stressful for me to be alone in not-so-crowded crowd because I had a friend to talk to!
Then I went to Odaiba!!! I kinda lost and I just laughed it off with T on the phone LOL. I managed to get myself to the Indonesian restaurant which was my main reason that I went there that day. 
There’s this mini replica of the statue of Liberty right in front of the mall where the restaurant is, and the view was super dope and I didn’t feel like I was in Japan!
Then I went to the Indonesia restaurant. Apparently the only offered the lunch set menu. I was veryyyyy disappointed because I wanted to eat tempeh and kangkung :/ So I ordered gulai kambing instead and I was so freaking full after eating it. That’s why I don’t like ordering set menu :/
I didn’t plan to shop there but I found gudetama hoodie and I just had to buy it LOL.
I walked to the place where there’s a statue of real size gundam because I really wanted to show T that. Lots of people were taking pictures there. I also took a selfie there lol. It’s just so cool to see it!
There’s also the iconic Fuji TV building nearby! It’s where the chosen kids defeated bandemon for the first time! I really love the episodes where it took place in Odaiba!
Then I went to Miraikan museum. It’s a science museum. I though it’d be more like a technology museum, but it’s more of science technology(?) idk how to describe it……. anyway there were quite some cool stuff. My fav is the place where I could see the kind of food that astronauts bring to the space! They even have matcha and onigiri!
Then I went back to the gundam area and went to the mall behind it. It’s Diver City andddddddd idk maybe a concert was going on there or the people who go there just dress up like that but I definitely felt intimidated there! I should have wear a mask! I honestly like wearing a mask because it covers half of my face so people won’t be able to see what kind of expression I make. But actually I heard Japanese people wear them a lot because they’re paranoid to catch a sickness! Meanwhile I wear them to hide my expression or when I’m to lazy to put some makeup on……
Then I went to Palette Town!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also appeared on Digimon Adventure Tri so I’m so psyched to visit it! However, I only went to Venus Fort there. Venus Fort definitely didn’t feel like a regular mall!
The interior were amazing and I really love it! There’s also this star show on the ceilings but I think only some people noticed it.
I found an anime shop there! I literally went around the shop to find utapri aaaand I finally found them! Sadly the Tokiya version of a keychain that I want wasn’t available! So I didn’t buy anything in the end. But there’s Kiddyland! It’s smaller than the one in Harajuku. I bought my Fujifilm Hello Kitty Instax Mini there! I was so thrilled!!! I asked my dad for the camera since probably 4 years ago and finally he bought me one. Yay~! I actually could afford one on my own….. but I kinda spend my money on Johnny’s soooooo…………. ._.
Then I went to Shibuya to start doing my essay. My bag was so freaking heavy because I brought a camera and a laptop that day :/ 
But I finally got to sit at the table which has Shibuya crossing view!!!! I was so happy that I finally sat there LOL. Believe me, it’s hard to get a seat with a good view there!! It was quite late at night so there crowd wasn’t as crowded as usual. 
I didn’t finish my essay that day since I was too distracted with the view lol. I had to go home at 11pm else I’d miss the last train to my place because it’s about an hour from Shibuya (by express trains) :/

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