January 29, 2016

why not

apparently one of my dream companies is currently opening vacancy for my dream job. it doesn’t state that it’s going to be a full time work or such though so i’m not really sure to apply. but i think i’ll apply since i’m already in my last year. wml!

January 25, 2016

Tokyo DisneySea

I'd wanted to go to Disneysea since the day I know it exists. However, it's not my priority to go to Disneysea before going here (yup, my #1 priority is to buy johnny's stuff). I think it'd be best to go there when I go to Japan with my friends in the future (which I don't know when). 

I ended up going there anyway. I went there in January 12th. I thought it'd be miserable to go there alone because I always envy people who hang out with their friends whenever I see them. But apparently I was too busy figuring out the location of the attractions on the map and I wasn't the only one going there alone. I think there were quite a lot of people who went there only to shop(?), because of the duffy bear was somehow very popular.

The view wasn't as pleasing as Disneyland. It was quite dull and boyish(?), meanwhile Disneyland(s) are pretty and just wonderful to see. However, the rides in Disneyland are more suitable for kids, while the rides in Disneysea are more for adults.

I planned to go there at 8am because it took almost 2 hours to go there from my place. But I woke up late so I went there at 9am and arrived there at 11am instead lol. I had to transit a few times, Shinjuku, Tokyo, and finally Maihama. It was also my first time to be at Tokyo station and I was kinda confused (but it's definitely not as confusing as Ikebukuro station).

I could see the castle in Disneyland from the Maihama station. Then I rode the Disney Resort train to go to Disneysea. The ticket wasn't cheap. It was 6900 yen. It's totally understandable though since it's Disney. But honestly I wish I spent it on Johnny's stuff instead.

The first attraction I rode was Aquatopia. I kinda didn't want to ride it at first, but then I saw a person who rode it alone so I just rode it anyway lol. It's definitely not what I expected. It spun a lot and I couldn't help but feeling funny because all I could do was to share it to my friends via snapchat. 

Then I rode the StormRider. I'm not really a fan of the theater type attraction, because I found them mostly boring. It was quite good though, definitely not as boring as the one in USS.

The next one I rode was the Journey to the Center of the Earth. It was the first thrill attraction I rode there, and I hadn't rode one for 3 years. So I was definitely thrilled lol. I used the fastpass to ride it. The last time I went to Disneyland was when I was in high school. I forgot that you can only get one fastpass for every 2 hours. So the next fastpass I took was definitely the tower of terror fastpass.

The prettiest thing in DIsneysea is definitely Ariel's castle. The rides there were all for kids as well. I rode some of them though lol. Most of the attractions were inside the castle. It's kinda dark inside, but definitely beautiful. I really love the view there! I rode the Jumping Jellyfish which is probably like mini tower of terror and enjoyed the view from there. Then I went to Ariel's playground. There's this rope bridge there and honestly it's scarier than the tower of terror for me lol. 

Then I went to the Lost River Delta area. There's Raging Spirits roller coaster and I love roller coasters. The waiting time was only 40 minutes so I decided to ride it without the fastpass. Apparently it has single rider line (and I think the only one there) sooooo I only had to wait for probably 15 minutes. I was kinda not ready so I screamed a little there. However, the others were unbelievably quiet so I was like :/ because no one was screaming their enjoyment as well. It wasn't fun dude, you gotta say "woooooooo" on those kind of rides.

Then I went to Arabian Coast which is nearby there and rode the Sindbad's Storybook Voyage. Sadly, it's all in Japanese so I understood nothing. It's like Istana Boneka in Dufan and some of the dolls were kinda scary lol. Then I bought a smoked chicken drumstick that was sold in a stand nearby because I was really hungry and didn't want to faint there. Luckily it's delicious and only 500 yen! It didn't make me full but enough to keep myself from starving. 

I took another fastpass for the Indiana Jones ride. Then I went to find an ATM because I only had less than 3000 yen. I saw the 20.000 Leagues Under the Sea ride was pretty empty on my way to the ATM (the queue was pretty long when I took a fastpass for the Journey to the Center of the Earth) so I decided to ride it. I had no idea what it'd be like. So I rode a small submarine boat along with 4 other people, and it's like we were actually going under water. I was honestly scared and probably it's the scariest ride there for me, because it's small, dark, and it's as if we're under water (and I can't swim), and there were monsters as well -_- so I couldn't help but thinking the worst scenario that could happen in my mind. It was finally over after what I felt like a decade and I went to the ATM. Apparently it's only for Japanese and Chinese issued cards soooooooo I couldn't get my money there. It's a good thing though because I didn't end up spending a lot of money there.

It was still a while until I could ride the Indiana Jones ride, so I checked out the Toy Story area. However, the fast pass for the attraction wasn't available anymore and the queue was quite long, so I just watched the Mr. Potato talking in Japanese there for a while. I also watched the show at American Waterfront for a bit. Then I went back to the Lost River Delta and waited 15 minutes or so until I could ride the Indiana Jones ride. It was around 3-4C° that day and it was rainy a bit in the morning. Luckily I wore a scarf and a coat thick enough for the weather. I didn't realize it was that cold until I saw smokes coming out from people's mouths when they talked lol.

Finally it's the time to ride the Indiana Jones ride and it was fun. The ride was shaped like a car so and it's like we were riding a car there. The view was quite amazing too. I love Disneyland/Disneysea because they really have good interior design with their rides. 

Then I went back to Mermaid Lagoon to ride the Flounder's Flying Fish Coaster. It's actually just to kill some time before I could ride the Tower of Terror. I thought I wouldn't get to ride all of the rides that I wanted to ride because I wasn't there as early as I planned, luckily I did! I even rode the Raging Spirits twice because I had no idea where to go anymore. The second time I rode Raging Spirits was with a mother and her 2 daughters and it's definitely better than the first one because they weren't silent. I still had some time to kill before I could ride the Tower of Terror. I just wandered around some shops there.

Finally it's the time to ride the Tower of Terror! I thought it'd be like Histeria in Dufan, but it's definitely waaaaaay better! So it's like riding an elevator and seeing some stuff. It still dropped and went up in a sudden though, but not as thrilling as I thought it'd be. The view was totally amazing from up there because it's already dark and the lights made everything pretty. I definitely was grateful that I got to ride it after the sunset!

Then I went to S. S. Columbia in American Waterfront because I saw some people were there and I thought the view would be great from up there, and yes it was! I was kinda lost at first and ended up at the dining room instead. It seems like an expensive restaurant because there's also a bar there. 

I wanted to ride the DisneySea Transit Streamer Line before going home, so I did! I also bought the milk chocolate flavored popcorn that I'd been wondering what's the taste like since the first time I saw it. The chocolate popcorn in USS was better. The view was okay but it's just nice to be riding a boat there. 

I finally went home at 7pm. However, I stopped at Tower Record Mini near the Tokyo Station first because it's the day before Summer Paradise in TDC DVD was released sooooo I just had to buy it that so I could get the poster lol. I think I bought the last one in that store! I also bought the Summer Concert 2014 which has the documentary dvd as well. It's actually 1000 yen more than my budget, but luckily I only spent less than 8000 yen for Disneysea.

I was happy in Disneysea, but spending my money on Johnny's stuff definitely made me happier lol. I definitely enjoy DisneySea more than I thought I'd do, but I wish I could go to DisneySea with my friends in the future asap. It'd definitely be more fun if I went with them.

January 24, 2016

[Instax Challenge] Week 3/52 - Snow

January 18, 2016 - It is definitely a fail one. It’s supposed to capture the snow downstairs on the bushes, and some on my balcony. Anyway, lesson learned.

January 22, 2016

Johnny's World

I started a gratitude journal because of this thing. I watched Johnny's World earlier this month. One of the reasons I came here was to watch them, but I didn't really plan to watch Johnny's World because I was sure that I wouldn't understand a thing. I wanted to watch a concert, but SZ isn't going to have a concert until March and yet I'll already be back in ID in March. So I decided to watch Johnny's World 2015-2016 instead.

I didn't know how to buy a ticket, so I asked about it on tumblr. I didn't know anyone who wanted to watch it either, so I also asked anyone on LJ. Luckily, there's this very nice fan who's also in Japan and wanted to watch JW. Thankfully, she has watched some concerts before so she knew how to buy tickets. We decided to watch the one on January 8th. Then I met her last November to pay for my ticket and we also went to Johnny's Shop together.

Finally, we met again in January 8th. We went to Harajuku first to buy the famous crepes and then go to Takeshita dori to take some purikura. I also found the gacha machines of Johnny's talents and it's definitely my second fav place in JP lol. I got the gacha of Kento, but the machine was stuck so I had to get the staff to fix it first. Luckily she understood me lol.

Then we went to Imperial Theatre. We rode the train on Yamanote lain and got off in Yurakucho. We were there quite early and the previous show hadn't even ended yet. There were only a few other fans who were waiting there. So we took some pictures in front of the building because there are these huge banners of them lol.

We were told to queue around 15min before the gate was opened. We didn't understand what the person was talking about and he seemed quite mad because we were still standing in front of the gate. There were also some other people who were still standing there. Seeing his face, I just went to the side of the building where people started queueing.

People started shopping once they got inside. There's also the guinness world record certificates displayed there. Then I also started to queue to buy some of the merchandise. I definitely spent more money than I was supposed to. I bought a bag, a map, a pack of photos, and the freaking expensive pamphlet. My budget was only 2k yen for that day, but I spent around 4k only for the goods lol.

The show finally started after we waited for what I felt like a decade. They kept playing the videos of old concerts and summary. I still remember the scene where kamenashi kazuya sang one night for dream boys. So, I had to sit really straight to the chair. Wtf man I don't like sitting straight and honestly if I didn't sit straight the person behind me would see clearer since I won't block their view. But there's a staff who told us to not do so, so I had to freaking stay straight for 75 minutes. I was even scared to move because I didn't want the staff to come back. That's the first reason I didn't really enjoy the show. 

I only slightly understood the show, and it was because there's a storyline written on the pamphlet. I was really thankful it somehow had the english translation on it. I still wondered though, why there must be titanic scene lol. Then suddenly kento and shori was fighting. Then Kento was in hell or something idk I really don't understand lol but the scene seemed like he was in hell because there's like satanic voice and fire lol. 

I was really grateful that I got to watch them live, although it's not a concert. I know kento is like really good being an idol, apparently I just realized that he's freaking good in dancing too. My seat was far away from the stage but I could recognize him thanks to his very elegant way of walking. The closest one I could see was nagase ren when he was flying. I was honestly shocked because he just appeared out of nowhere and the way he looked at the audience was kinda scary lol I was like wtf man you need to chill out. I wish it were hirano sho instead of nagase ren though, because he's just so freaking handsome total ikemen idk why such a guy exists. I've always stoned by his face ever since he only appeared for a few minutes on shokura, along with his old group before mr king, way more before the sharks. It's kinda difficult to find out what his name was and I had to google each jr member on wiki to find him lol. Anyway, he did a lot of baton trick during the show, but he also dropped the baton every time. I was soooo into myself-during-stageplay-training-period that I wanted to comment on almost all things. It honestly made me tired to watch them because I had these thoughts while watching them. I probably wouldn't have these thoughts if I never joined the drama thingy a few years ago. I probably would have enjoyed the show more. I probably wouldn't spot mistakes here and there. 

I'm still grateful though that I could watch them live, and joined the drama thingy a few years ago. There's this scene where all group members were supposed to be there, but hokuto wasn't with stones. I just hoped that he was okay. He joined the group later though. I'm also grateful that I could watch Kento performing Forever L live. That's like my fav song of his ever. Thanks to that song, he went back to be the good guy and back on earth.....I guess? lol. I really need someone to explain the whole story to me because I have a loooot of questions.

The show was ended, and I felt great that I watched the show, even though I have lots of questions to ask. I also saw the super grandpa, Mr. Johnny Kitagawa himself on my way out! A lot of people kinda slowed down there and I got curious too. I saw an old man with probably 10 bodyguards around him and eventually saw his face and yup I'm sure it's him. I think he was meeting with someone there because I saw him talking to someone wearing a suit or something. If no one else was there and it was only me and him, I'd probably bombarded him with all of the questions I have since he's the producer of the show. 

I was struck by the sadness that I didn't really enjoy the show while I was on my way home. However, I have also made a resolution to myself that I want to be more grateful this year and thankfully I remembered that. So I made the grateful post instead omw home on tumblr so I would at least feel less sad, and I was.

January 19, 2016

[Instax Challenge] Week 2/52 - Johnny’s World

P.S. - I know the angle is terribly wrong and I looked scary AF but this is the only way to get Shori and Kento to the pic lol

Ueno Zoo

I should have written this post since 2 weeks ago, but there are so many pics and it’s hard to choose lol! Anyway, I went to Ueno Zoo on January 5th. I love zoos! My main reason was to see the polar bear. I also want to practice my dslr skill so I guess the zoo would be a great place to take some pics.
I wanted to go there early but I think I slept in or something lol. I arrived there at around 11:30am. The first animal I saw was giant pandas! Luckily it’s not my first time to see them so I didn’t spend too much time adoring them there lol.
Then I saw birds, tigers, and I don’t remember what else were around there. There were gorillas as well but I didn’t see it because I’ve seen them in Ragunan and there were lots of them. Then I finally saw the polar bear!
I think there were supposed to be 2 of them, but only one was shown. I kinda felt sorry for the bear because he’s definitely the main attraction of the zoo and there were lots of people there, and he had to chase the food that was thrown by the zookeeper here and there so that all the visitors could see the bear :( I hope it’s happy though just like the animals in madagascar movies.
There were these monkeys as well. I don’t remember the exact name but I think they’re not always there. They were totally playful with each other and some are just staring at the visitor and some are busy looking for fleas(?) on the other monkey lol. I literally saw the infant pushed another one and they started chasing each other lol.
However, my fav is definitely the horse! I think her name is Erika and we’re both 21yo!!! She was alone there and no visitors were looking at her because they’re too fascinated with the sheep nearby. I immediately started talking to her and I didn’t even realize it lol so I felt funny when I realized I was talking to her. She was so cuteeeee and looked lonely and I could totally relate to her because I went to the zoo by myself. Perhaps that’s why I could feel like there’s something between us lol. If I could adopt her, I’d already adopt her by now. I wish she’s happy and strong and healthy so I can visit her again sometime in the future!
The sheep that stole the visitors attention instead of the cute horse :(
There were penguins as well! I don’t remember if I’d ever seen penguins before. They were surely cute though not as cute as the horse lol.
The zoo got quite bad comments on tripadvisor and I could see why. The cage for the zebra was under maintenance or something so they put it along with the goats wtf??? and the giraffes were also in enclosed spaces wtfffff I’d never seen giraffes which definitely have huge body were put in such small places!!!!
It’s the oldest zoo in Japan and I really hope they can get better maintenance and everything for the sake of the animals. It’s just really sad to see some of the animals :(
The zoo was divided to east area and west area. I thought I wouldn’t spend so much time there since it’s a lot smaller than Ragunan Zoo (I spent 4 hours there). Apparently I spent more than 4 hours only in east area. Luckily I got to see all of the animals in west area just in time before the zoo closed because it’s smaller than the east area. 
Then I just spent some time in Ueno to see some shops. I bought instax film at yodobashi camera. Apparently it’s slightly more expensive than bic camera :( Then I kinda spend 1000 yen at ufo catcher -_- I shouldn’t have played anything because I didn’t get anything in the end -_-

netflix and snow

I actually planned to go out a lot this month. Apparently I can’t do it because I miscalculate my budget for this month :/ So I’m stuck at my apartment binge watching netflix. I may not be able to stream a lot once I go back to ID because there’s a quota for the internet :( I have watched several movies, about a boy, jessica jones, and now I’m watching the flash. Although I multitask it while designing some posters and editing photographs that I want to sell once I get back to ID. Hopefully this one will be successful because I want to buy a new camera lol.
I should probably make some posts about a farewell party, sz’s new dvd, and some other stuff. But I’m kinda lazy to get the pics from google photos because my phone isn’t synced with dropbox anymore. My 50gb free space has expired since a few months ago. I wish the tumblr app allow us to upload pictures to the text post so I’ll be more productive in blogging :/
oh and finally it was snowing last night! I was so excited because it’s my first time to see real snow falling from the sky lol. I even took a picture of it!

I took the pic at almost 3am lol. There’s not so much snow left when I went outside at almost 5pm. I think it may be all gone by now :/ hopefully it’ll snow again anytime soon!

January 16, 2016

[Instax Challenge] 16/01/16

This is the number + name plate in front of my room in the apartment I live in Japan. I’m going to leave this place in less than 3 weeks because I’m going to go home~!

January 11, 2016

First Trip in 2016

I finally went to Odaiba last Monday!!! It’s the place where Digimon Adventure was set and since I’m a huge fan of Digimon so it’s definitely a must visit place for me LOL!
However, I went to sengaku-ji first because it’s not so far from there. Sengaku-ji is the temple where 47 ronin’s graves are. Sooooooo since Akanishi Jin played a role in the 47 ronin movie, it’s kinda a must-visit place for me too. I wanted to took a looooot of pics but there were also people who came to pray for the ronin so I didn’t want to disturb them by my shutter sound. 
There were a lot more people than I expected! (I only expected 2-3 people would be there) I was also video calling T while I was there (and in odaiba too) but honestly I didn’t find it to be very stressful for me to be alone in not-so-crowded crowd because I had a friend to talk to!
Then I went to Odaiba!!! I kinda lost and I just laughed it off with T on the phone LOL. I managed to get myself to the Indonesian restaurant which was my main reason that I went there that day. 
There’s this mini replica of the statue of Liberty right in front of the mall where the restaurant is, and the view was super dope and I didn’t feel like I was in Japan!
Then I went to the Indonesia restaurant. Apparently the only offered the lunch set menu. I was veryyyyy disappointed because I wanted to eat tempeh and kangkung :/ So I ordered gulai kambing instead and I was so freaking full after eating it. That’s why I don’t like ordering set menu :/
I didn’t plan to shop there but I found gudetama hoodie and I just had to buy it LOL.
I walked to the place where there’s a statue of real size gundam because I really wanted to show T that. Lots of people were taking pictures there. I also took a selfie there lol. It’s just so cool to see it!
There’s also the iconic Fuji TV building nearby! It’s where the chosen kids defeated bandemon for the first time! I really love the episodes where it took place in Odaiba!
Then I went to Miraikan museum. It’s a science museum. I though it’d be more like a technology museum, but it’s more of science technology(?) idk how to describe it……. anyway there were quite some cool stuff. My fav is the place where I could see the kind of food that astronauts bring to the space! They even have matcha and onigiri!
Then I went back to the gundam area and went to the mall behind it. It’s Diver City andddddddd idk maybe a concert was going on there or the people who go there just dress up like that but I definitely felt intimidated there! I should have wear a mask! I honestly like wearing a mask because it covers half of my face so people won’t be able to see what kind of expression I make. But actually I heard Japanese people wear them a lot because they’re paranoid to catch a sickness! Meanwhile I wear them to hide my expression or when I’m to lazy to put some makeup on……
Then I went to Palette Town!!!!!!!!!!!!! It also appeared on Digimon Adventure Tri so I’m so psyched to visit it! However, I only went to Venus Fort there. Venus Fort definitely didn’t feel like a regular mall!
The interior were amazing and I really love it! There’s also this star show on the ceilings but I think only some people noticed it.
I found an anime shop there! I literally went around the shop to find utapri aaaand I finally found them! Sadly the Tokiya version of a keychain that I want wasn’t available! So I didn’t buy anything in the end. But there’s Kiddyland! It’s smaller than the one in Harajuku. I bought my Fujifilm Hello Kitty Instax Mini there! I was so thrilled!!! I asked my dad for the camera since probably 4 years ago and finally he bought me one. Yay~! I actually could afford one on my own….. but I kinda spend my money on Johnny’s soooooo…………. ._.
Then I went to Shibuya to start doing my essay. My bag was so freaking heavy because I brought a camera and a laptop that day :/ 
But I finally got to sit at the table which has Shibuya crossing view!!!! I was so happy that I finally sat there LOL. Believe me, it’s hard to get a seat with a good view there!! It was quite late at night so there crowd wasn’t as crowded as usual. 
I didn’t finish my essay that day since I was too distracted with the view lol. I had to go home at 11pm else I’d miss the last train to my place because it’s about an hour from Shibuya (by express trains) :/

January 10, 2016

[Instax Challenge] Week 1/52 - Horse

January 5, 2016 - I met this cutie named Erika in Ueno Zoo and apparently she’s 78 days older than me! She was hiding behind the fence alone and no visitor was there either. I just couldn’t help to start talking to her!

P.S. - This is the first picture I took with my Instax!

January 8, 2016


Meskipun poni shori aneh, baton hirano sho jatoh terus, cuma nagase ren yg terbang paling deket sampe gue kaget, rambut hokuto aneh, bahasa inggris jesse ga jelas, kento keliatan melambat dengan jelas pas mau keluar, keliatan orang dibalik tirai samping yg entah kenapa terbuka, dan lagu hihi jet diulang-ulang terus, akhirnya gue bisa nonton secara langsung meskipun cuma ngerti garis besar ceritanya

Setelah bertahun-tahun cuma nonton di TV dan DVD, liat di majalah dan internet, akhirnya hari ini bisa nonton live. Harus beryukur karena akhirnya bisa nonton live, bahkan bisa liat opa kita tercinta yang konon katanya langka banget kemunculannya tapi tadi dia berdiri di depan pintu dengan bodyguard 10 ada kali. Ga disangka-sangka juga bisa nonton Forever L secara langsung yang so far lagu solo kento favorit gue, dan dengan cara jalannya yang khas bahkan gue bisa langsung notice itu dia meskipun harus duduk di lantai atas. Bersyukur bisa nonton show dengan set dan seluruhnya yang hebat itu, jadi makin pengen kerja di konser-konser apalagi bagian lighting. Harus bersyukur karena dulu disaat sangat suka sama laruku tapi ga pernah kesampaian nonton langsung bahkan pas udah disini ternyata mereka konsernya pas gue baru nyampe. Semoga bisa nonton show-show dan konser-konser lagi di masa depan, hopefully soon.

January 7, 2016

Hello Kitty Instax Mini

I bought a new tooooyyyyyyy~!
I’m so in love with it! I’ve always wanted an instant camera for a very looooooong time. Fujifilm had this instax 25s hello kitty but I don’t think it’s sold anymore since I’ve never seen it here. They sell this one now instead. It’s launched in 2014. 
It’s super cute right???!!! I really love it because of the shape and it’s matte! I love the feeling when I touch matte stuff~ I bought this one in Kiddyland at Venus Fort in Odaiba. It was 9880yen+tax and I wish I bought it at yodobashi camera instead because it’s like 300 yen cheaper :/
I’ve taken a few pictures with it. I took these at Ueno Zoo two days ago but the pictures turned out to be quite dark. I set the exposure as recommended from the camera but I’ll probably just use the cloudy one instead when I’m going to take pictures outdoor in the future.

January 2, 2016


Although the white team didn’t win the kouhaku last year, but this year definitely was started by incredibly wonderful things on Johnny’s Countdown!
I did predict that the red team was going to win because they just kept giving incredibly wonderful performances, meanwhile the only performances I remember from the white team was sexy zone, arashi, and kanjani8. I was even amazed by the performances from people I didn’t even recognize from the red team! But the most exciting one for me was definetly AKB48 because of the surprise appearances lol.
Aaaaaaand Marius did bring the uchiwa of the other 4 lol. No Jr. was watching along with him though. I still remember when Kento was the only one performing for Sexy Zone and he ran to the others who were sitting along with other under aged Jr, and now there’s only Marius who sat there! And Shuji to Akira!!! I was so excited and I cried lol. And Fumito and Matsujun!!! I was laughing the whole time while watching them LOL. It’s definitely the best Johnny’s Countdown I’ve ever watched!