December 27, 2015

The Man in the Moon

I took pictures of the moon at 3 am, the night before last night lol. I think my neighbour was still awake because I heard a voice from their room. Hopefully that person wasn’t awake because of the shutter sound from my camera lol. 
I read about the full moon on christmas eve quite late. So I took the pictures late as well. I wish I knew it on the Christmas eve :/ It’s rare that there’s a full moon on christmas eve. The previous one was in 1970s and I wasn’t born yet. The next one will be in 2030s.

Anyway, I finally know how to take a decent moon pic. I googled it after taking the first pic because only the light from the moon was caught lol. I think the lens isn’t good enough to take astronomy pics though because it can’t zoom far enough(?)

I also finally realized about there’s really a face on the moon. It’s kinda scary :/ 

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