December 31, 2015


I went to Shinjuku two days ago. I also planned to go to Harajuku but I somehow spent a whole day in Shinjuku lol. I actually prefer shopping at Shinjuku but the “view” in Shibuya is more eye candy lol. But the stuff I wanted to buy was sold out in Shibuya so I decided to go to Shinjuku, and it’s also sold out there DAMNNNNNN!!
Anyway, I also planned to buy some rings and necklace. I checked H&M first because they usually put crazy sale on their accessories and they did!
lololololol I didn’t expect to buy this many lol. My favorites are these:
Then I went to F21 to look for the necklace that I saw on their website, but I didn’t find it!!! And I bought two sweaters instead…………… lol.
I also wanted to buy the tangle teezer since probably the beginning of this year. I went to IOIO to look for one and I couldn’t find it :/ buttttttt Seria was there!! It’s a 100 yen shop like Daiso, but the items sold there are prettier according to the review that I read. I definitely went crazy there lol and I even found these!!!!
I just couldn’t not buy them LOL. I also bought quite a lot of stuff for omiyage for my friends and family. I think I’ll definitely visit Seria again before coming back home in February.
Then I went to bikuro which is the merge of bic camera and uniqlo and it’s huge. Anyway, I went there to buy a sim card because unfortunately mine will expire today :/
I also visited the camera section and look for a camera strap because the camera that I brought here doesn’t have one. It’s my father’s and I think he lost the strap. I’m going to visit a lot of places next month so I’m definitely gonna need one. I almost bought the cheapest one but honestly it just looks really cheap and I decided to buy a nicer one instead. I’ve been trying to save my money as much as possible, but honestly I wouldn’t mind buying a strap that cost around IDR 150k in Indonesia so I just bought this one instead. It’s so pretty, isn’t it???? I also got a camera as a christmas present so I think it’d also be a nice investment lol.
Then I went to IOIO that has Starbucks in there but the queue was very long and it’s full so I decided to look for another Starbucks where I could sit. I also looked for the Tangle Teezer there but I still couldn’t find it! 
Isetan was just across the road so I went there and after entering the building, I just got the feeling that they most probably don’t sell Tangle Teezer there lol. I gave up and just look for another Starbucks. I went to the one in Tsutaya but idk I just hesitated to go to that one so I decided to go to the other one. 
Then I found AINZ TULPE!!! I looked for it here and there but I couldn’t find it. I gave up and went outside the store and I saw the stairs to go downstairs and decided to go back there and went downstairs aaaanddd finallyyyyyyyy~~~~
I was so happy that I finally found it LOL. I never thought I’d spend that much for a hair brush. I bought the compact one because of the print obviously lol. I don’t like the original one because the shape reminds me to ticks ew. But I actually consider to buy the original/professional if I find one at the airport because this product is definitely worth the hype! I’ve always been lazy to brush my hair because of the tangles were difficult to be detangled. It’s not completely painless but it’s definitely tolerable because it’s nothing compared to using my old hair brush lol.
Then I finally went to the Starbucks but it’s full as well. I really wanted to try the Chocolatey Crumble Cocoa so I just bought it and went to the eki right away. And it’s a disappointment because I just didn’t taste the chocolate :/ The cocoa milk that I often buy in Lawson 100 definitely tastes better :/

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