December 5, 2015

McDonald’s Chicken Fiero & Choco Pie

I went to McDonald’s for the 2nd time here yesterday. I was planning to buy ebi fiero burger, but I was kinda nervous talking to the cashier since my Japanese is still not good and ended up ordering the chicken fiero instead :/ The picture was small and they’re quite similar and I didn’t realize until I was waiting for the food :/
It wasn’t bad, but I didn’t find anything special either. I ordered it in set with L french fries and minute maid. It was 670 or 680 yen which is quite cheap for buying food in a (fast food) restaurant although it’s definitely more expensive than buying food in a konbini. I’ll probably buy the shrimp one next week :/
I also bought this choco pie, but it’s kinda disappointing. I like the chocolate filling, but the pie itself is meh :/ 

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