December 30, 2015

2015 recap

January: the beginning, nothing special tbh, only blogged twice
February: made my own rice krispies for the 1st time, prepared for an event, wrote some stories on TextNovel, discovered my fav mochi ever
March: got stressed out, did cosplay for the 1st time, went to Dufan, ordered custom t-shirts for the 1st time (and it’s my fav t-shirt)
April: the event was held, went to Baywalk for the 1st time
May: Fido’s birthday, started playing Kim Kardashian: Hollywood, one of my LINE stickers was finally approved
June: FINALLY MET THE GIRLS, went rafting for the 1st time, went to Jakarta Fair for the 1st time lol, somehow started collecting JKT48 x Pocky stickers (and I was obsessed with the double choco pocky!!!)
July: started subscribing to Johnny’s Net, my birthday, moved to a new house, ate KFC whole chicken bucket with my friend (yes friend, no s, there were only 2 of us) 
August: retook a failed class and failed again wtf, and helped preparing the event
September: the event, finally in Japan!
October: desperately tried to have some friends that aren’t annoying, celebrated Halloween for the first time, my laptop crashed and had to be restored from the back up 
November: DIGIMON TRI!, started subscribing to Kendall & Kylie apps, watched SID & KPP live, wondered why the fuck my life is miserable here
December: still wondering, things got a little better though, became a morning person for 2 weeks (which is a new record for me), GOT AN SZ POSTER!!!

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