November 16, 2015

Shopping in Shibuya (again)

I can’t describe how much I love shopping. I went to Shibuya to buy a thigh high boots in F21, but they didn’t have my size!! I was devastated so I went to buy some other stuff to cheer myself up :/
One of the items I bought is the uber cute black sheepskin boots that I wrote about earlier. Then I bought a cool outerwear from H&M for only 700 yen!
I also saw this lol t-shirt. I kinda wanted and didn’t want to buy it. I asked my friends first, then it’s gone by the time I came back there lol. 
Then I went to Uniqlo to buy this heat tech legging. My mom told me to buy it so I did. I’ve worn it but I think it’s not that warm…. well it’s not warm enough for me.
And I accidentally ripped my very cool black legging from cotton on so I had to buy a new one. I’ve wanted to buy a faux leather legging for a while and I finally did! I saw it like almost in every shop last month, but it was very hard to find it last week! I finally found it on Bershka. Thank God!

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