November 27, 2015

my goals after becoming rich

1. buy designer shoes
2. buy all cute clothes
3. buy a lot of manga
4. buy a lot of magazines
5. buy a really big TV
6. buy a gaming PC, iMac, macbook pro retina, macbook air, microsoft surface, ipad air
7. buy android phablet, pink iphone, and keitai just for fun
8. buy a tv for my car
9. buy a really cool sunglasses
10. buy starbucks drinks almost everyday
11. buy a lot of nail polishes
12. have a very big walk in closet
13. adopt a lot of dogs
14. go to the gym
15. eat expensive healthy food
16. give food to orphanages and homeless people
17. give a lot of presents to my family and friends
18. travel around the world
19. buy cute clothes for the dogs
20. maybe i’ll also adopt a few cats
21. buy a house/condo in tokyo, ny, paris, and london
22. buy a lot of books
23. volunteer as a teacher
24. donate to charities
25. get a degree in business, fashion styling, and theater design
26. be a producer
27. have a basecamp for my friends and I to hangout
28. be healthy so I can enjoy them all

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