November 14, 2015


I went to Mega Donki in Shin-Yokohama last Wednesday. I had no real plan of things that I should buy there. But ever since I went there to shop for my Halloween costume, I immediately made a promise to myself that I should visit it ASAP.
I spent around 6000 yen there for mostly snacks!!!!!! I was very surprised at the cashier because most of the stuff that I got was 100-300ish yen. Although I also bought a tamagoyaki frying pan which is around 1000 yen and a pair of fugg for 890 yen. 
And I also finally found the case for my beloved S4 which doesn’t look totally ridiculous like the one that Daiso sells.

It’s only 50 yen!! It made me really sad…. because no one even bought it when it was discounted to 100 yen! I know it’s an old phone… but seriously 50 yen??? I can’t even get a case for that cheap in Indonesia although it’s for an old phone.
The color is very nice and calm even though I’ve never really been a fan of moustache-y stuff, nor brown. But I totally love it now because I’ve been craving for cadbury dairy milk chocolates!

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