November 14, 2015

Kendall and Kylie apps

I started 7 days trial to the Jenner sisters app yesterday, and I think I’m gonna continue the subscription even when the free trial ends. It kinda reminds me of J-web. I don’t subscribe to the Kardashian sisters app because I’m not really following them.
I think some people were kinda shock with having to pay them to access their apps, meanwhile they’re like obviously rich enough or something. But I’m kinda okay with paying $2.99 a month for each Kendall and Kylie app. They keep it updated everyday with various contents, with their own commentaries. So it’s pretty much like their blogs, I guess? J-web costs 300 yen/month and I get the access to every group/jr/solo but even my bias only gets to write the blog once every 5 weeks so………………………
I just finished reading/seeing all of the contents of Kylie’s app and my favorite so far is the room tour of her glam room. Now I’m gonna start on Kendall~

UPDATE: I just finished scrolling through kendall’s app and well… it’s very fashionable. Meanwhile kylie is like more beauty and fun stuff. 

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