November 9, 2015


Sooooooo I was really excited to celebrate Halloween this year, because it’s gonna be my 1st and I’m in Japan! Actually it’s also been big in japan only for a few years. But I didn’t have anyone to go with me for halloween, so I was soooo *#@$&!*(&#@!#. There’s halloween party at the school on Friday, but meh. Someone also slipped about the others going to somewhere for halloween on Saturday. Sadly no one invited me sooooooooooo whatevs. I stumbled on reddit and finally got some redditors to go with me to roppongi on Saturday. We’re originally going to shibuya, but they changed the plan last minute.
Anyway, I also just bought my costume last minute lol. So I headed to mega donki in shin-yokohama to look for some costume. I went to loft first, but there weren’t so many halloween stuff anymore there. I bought a fake blood there for a redditor because he couldn’t find any.
Luckily, I wasn’t the only who was shopping last minute lol. I had a hard time to pick the costume. There were so many of them!
Well…….. most of the costumes for girls are sexy costumes…. as expected.
But there was also harry potter costumes! I should have bought the death eater costumes instead :/ 
there’s also AoT costume!
and some quite hilarious costume LOL. and actually, mario and luigi were very popular at the halloween! I saw a lot of people wearing them!
I was gonna buy the witch costume, but then I thought it might gonna be my first and last halloween ever, so I decided to buy what I really want. I didn’t plan to buy a sexy costume because I didn’t wanna be dead cold during halloween. I honestly really want to buy death eater costume but then I forgot about it once I saw this wolf in red riding hood costume. I also couldn’t decided between alice or wolf in red riding hood, but I ended up buying the wolf in the hood lol. AND SOMEONE MISPLACED IT ON THE SHELF SO IT’S NOT 5K YEN AND WAS 6K YEN INSTEAD OMFG I’M TOTALLY GONNA WEAR THIS AGAIN and it’s not gonna be my last halloween! and I actually took this pic in the morning (Nov 1st) so the only one that stayed on my face was my eye makeup lol.
Then I also had to buy flat shoes because I really didn’t have any footwear that’d match with the costume. I only brought running shoes, jelly shoes, knee high boots, and flip flops to Japan!
I didn’t see anyone wearing a costume but me when I was on my way to shinjuku (and it was an hour ride with full makeup on!). Finally I saw people wearing costumes at the shinjuku station and on my way to roppongi! The person sat in front of me seemed so busy touching up with her makeup even the old lady beside me took a picture of her as well lol.
So only 1 redditor showed up with his friends, and we had no idea where the other redditor whereabout. 
And they were late so I had to wait alone in the crowds :/ the redditor came first and the rest came even later -_-
and I saw this hilarious guy that probably didn’t wear anything (hopefully he wore his underwear) under this banana suit LOL.
Then we went to a sport bar to watch the final world cup of rugby. There’s only one guy that caught my eyes because he was a total ikemen but damn I was chatting with C about her bf again so welllllll sistas before mistas!
We walked for one station to kill the time before the 1st train. The train was soooo packed with people!!!! And everyone who got a seat was sleeping! I didn’t get a seat until I transited at sagami-ono. Luckily I wasn’t the only one wearing a costume this time! There were only sleeping in costumes or old people on the morning train lol. I arrived at my apt at around 6:30am and it was sooooo cold (8°!) and I was only wearing a tanktop under the costume and a cardigan for my outerwear :/ aaaaand luckily no one I know saw me wearing that costume when I just entered the apt building lol.

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