November 16, 2015


I bought a pair of fugg aka fake ugg last wednesday, and another one on thursday. I didn’t regret it at all!

The first one I bought is the beige one at Mega Donki and it’s only 890 yen!!!!! I saw this kind of sheepskin boots at F21 a few years ago. I never bothered to buy it since I definitely don’t need those in tropical country.

Then I went to Shibuya on Thursday and bought another pair!! and this one is definitely cuter and more stylish than the beige one! It’s around 2000 yen after discounted from the original price which was around 5000 yen! It was the last pair so I’m really glad that I bought it!
I don’t even bother to buy the real one since I probably won’t wear it in Indonesia. Well I can still wear it to the mall, but it probably will look weird, although not as weird as those who wear knee length boots there :/
I also didn’t even bother to buy one until I watched this video! and I’m glad that I finally bought not only one, but two pairs! It’s just so comfy to walk in them and I’m pretty sure that my feet were happy lol.

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