October 14, 2015

What happened last weekend

So there’s another exchange student who wanted to borrow my id to go to a club (she’s 18 and 20 is the min age to enter a club here). I don’t like her and didn’t want to lend her my id (we don’t even look alike) so I just said “sorry I need it too”. That bitch kept bugging me for a whole day. She and other person even came to my apartment. They rang the bell but I didn’t answer. Finally they left after a while.
I know they got in eventually from my other friend.

I live in an apartment building where all of the exchange students live. A Japanese friend visited us to hang out so they rang the bell of my apartment (around 8:30pm). I already curled myself under the blanket and too lazy to meet people at that time and I was reading manga, so I just pretended I wasn’t home (I was gonna go to a supermarket at that time anyway but forgot because of the manga). I heard them talking so loud at the bitch’s place that I had to wear my earphones to not get annoyed by such loud voices in the night. Then they fucking rang the bell of my apartment again at 11pm. I knew I had to open the door because it’s 11pm. But they rang the fucking bell by just kept pushing it. Who wouldn’t get annoyed by that???? And it’s almost fucking midnight! I didn’t expect any guests at that late so I had to change my clothing to proper ones first. When I was about to open the door, I heard the bitch said “bitch you gotta open the door” and some other nasty stuff. I changed my mind and didn’t open the door at the end. Who the fuck would want to hang out with them anyway? Actually there’s another exchange student who’s nice and not annoying. Too bad that he’s stuck with them.

So I posted this to a subreddit and they said to punch her which I won’t do because I don’t want to get into any trouble (although I really wish to punch her). And another said I should learn to say no which I’d definitely say if I were in my own country and don’t care about my social life there. And also to report it as a harassment…. I don’t think it’s a harassment though it’s just I was and still am very annoyed by those actions.

And this is actually my 1000th post. Sadly it has to be about something like this :/

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