October 17, 2015

El Capitan

My laptop was being weird last Thursday, after I restarted it. Suddenly the storage got full with other, and idk wtf happened.
I tried to fix it but I failed. So I just recovered it from the last time machine backup. Thank God that I decided to back it up right before going here! And luckily I haven’t deleted the pics taken from the dslr camera yet, which means that I still have all of the original images, because my dropbox account has expired and I couldn’t upload there anymore and only uploaded it to the free google photos. 
It’d been really slow since I updated it to El Capitan. Idk why because no one else seems to be having the same problem as I did. Anyway, I’m back to maverick and I don’t think I’ll upgrade it until apple releases a new version of el capitan which should fix all of the bugs.

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