September 28, 2015

Daiso Haul #5 {September 2015}

I went to Daiso in Shonandai a few days ago and bought quite a lot of stuff. Not kawaii stuff like ones I usually buy at Daiso though, more like essential stuff for a living lol. It’s actually my second time to go that particular one but I only bought a trash bin and a mat. However, it’s definitely way bigger than the ones in Indonesia. The last Daiso I visited in Indonesia was in AEON Mall and it was very small and crowded ugh.
Seeeee they aren’t too kawaii lol
However, I finally got to buy that charcoal mask! I used it yesterday. However it’s not as good I thought it would be (︶︹︺) There rest are tissues and cotton pads. I actually wanted to buy Hello Kitty pocket tissues but it only contains 4 packs while this one has 16. So………………………..
These are…….. well those kind of stuff that you just need in your home.
The book is definitely my fav item from this haul! It’s so cute, isn’t it?? I also bought that AC adapter so I can charge my phone at the campus. I really love the color! I also bought a glass………to heat some water on the microwave. It’s very dangerous but it’s the easiest way to do it….
I also bought some snacks!!!! I’ve bought the takoyaki one before in SG and I really liked it!! So I bought it again lol. My friend gave my thematcha oreo as an omiiyage a while ago and I loved it too. I’m glad that I found it kinda fast here lol. I totally don’t recommend you the basil & cheese unless you like basil….. because I didn’t taste the cheese! and the tteokbokki one is quite okay…. spicy as it should be.
I have to go there again soon, because I forgot to buy some items. I’ll probably go there some time this week!

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