September 23, 2015

3 days

I’m finally in Japan! It’s my 3rd day here and I’ve been enjoying it so far. The only bad thing was that I couldn’t sleep on the plane because I can’t stop thinking about my dog. I arrived at the airport at around 9am. Then I went to Fujisawa by bus and arrived at around 1pm. Then the person from the uni took me to my apartment and show me around. I bought some stuff like body wash, shampoo, etc. 
Then I spent almost half of the day to sleep yesterday. I felt like I was going to be a hikakimori LOL. Finally I woke up some time in the afternoon and bought some food at Lawson. Then I went to had dinner with some friends. I was glad that they invited me else I’d just stay at my room doing random stuff lol.
I went to the campus for the 1st time today. Luckily the guys were going to play tennis so they showed me the way. My 1st class is introduction to psychology. I’ve always wanted to study psychology but since my major is computer science, I’ve never got psychology lessons. I met even more people today and finally feel like a student. I’ve been busy with student org stuff so it’s always been work work work and work. It’s fun though. I want to join a club but I don’t think there’s anything that I’m interested in *sigh*.
I only have one class tomorrow in the morning and I don’t know what to do for the rest of the day……… Probably I’ll buy some stuff. I need to buy a dish soap and kleenex.

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