July 12, 2015

SmartBones: Dental

I went to a pet shop with my dog to buy a chewing bone. Luckily, I found what I initially wanted to buy! It’s SmartBones Dental which could freshens the breath of a dog! 
It did freshens my dog’s stinky breath! LOL and the price was IDR 30K.
And my dog liked it a lot!! He finished it probably within an hour or so.
Why SmartBones? Because it’s the healthy alternative of rawhide bones which the vets believe that it’s not good for a dog.
I created a wishlist for my dog a while ago in Craze and Crave. I shared it to reddit and LUCKILY someone said to me that I shouldn’t buy rawhide bones for my dog because according to her vet, it’s bad for dogs. 
So I decided to look for an alternative and found out about SmartBones online. I wasn’t sure if it’s sold nearby, but luckily it was!
So it contained vegetables outside and chicken inside. I think there’s some mint too. I did bite it to try the taste (lol) and it’s indeed good! No wonder that my dog finished it fast LOL. I thought it would last for a year or so….
They have some other flavors, even peanut butter! I was really tempted to buy the peanut butter one, but my dog doesn’t seem to like peanut butter when I gave some peanut butter to him a few days ago.

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