July 6, 2015

New Home!

Finally I got the time to post about this. Actually I’ve had plenty of time, but the internet connection has been so terrible sometimes, which made me lazy to even browse on my laptop.
We’re finally at the new home! Me, my mom, and my dog! I was driving my car and my dog was sooooooo hyped up and he didn’t even sleep in the car! We spent about one hour at the highway, then there’s an unexpected traffic at the suburb. I don’t know why though. And this happened too while I was driving at the highway during the traffic (traffic everywhere :( )
We arrived earlier than the stuffs, so we had some spare time to sit around. My dog was confused. He was still confused when people were unpacking things. He didn’t even sleep in the afternoon at all!
I guess my dog slept really well last night because he didn’t sleep at all in the afternoon. Meanwhile, I woke up every few hours and that’s depressing -_- I was hoping that I could get a good sleep too like my dog!
My body also aches everywhere. Perhaps because I moved way too much yesterday, since I don’t really do sports lately. 
I haven’t finished unpacking yet because there hello kitty cabinets are still not delivered yet. So I have no place for those stuff. But my room is so cute though! I’m gonna post a pic later when everything’s unpacked!

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