July 13, 2015

My Bedroom

I finally have a room that I’ve always dreamt of since I was like 10yo lol. A loft bed, a bean bag, a hello kitty rug, pink stuffs………
Sadly I don’t spend my time much here though, because there’s no TV yet. I usually just sit there on the bean bag and do some stuff on my laptop or phone, while watching something on my iPad. Or just laying down on the uber cute hello kitty rug while patting my dog.
There are hello kitty cabinets where I put most of my random stuff, and my makeup and such on the top, and some pics and utapri gachapon! And that’s my my dog’s pillow where rarely he uses to sleep.
I have IKEA’s TROMSÖ loft bed since my room is small. Having a loft bed really saves up some space! It’s kinda shaky although it seems sturdy LOL. It was so fucking hard to put the bed sheet on though.
 I tried putting some glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, but they kept falling off and I gave up. It was actually pretty good since I put it as Leo constellation since I’m a Leo!

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