July 21, 2015

IKEA Haul {July 2015}


I went to IKEA again last Sunday because my mother wanted to buy several things. It was very crowded because it’s a days after the eid al-fitr holiday. I’m pretty sure people who are coming to Jakarta went to IKEA because it’s still the only one in Indonesia, although it’s technically in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. 
It was very uncomfortable looking at things there because it’s very very very crowded and those people made the place felt hot and difficult to move. What’s more annoying was seeing a guy with that huge shopping cart with only one small item in it, and it’s only one fucking toilet brush which cost less than 20K OMFG!
Anyway, we bought quite a lot items there. We’ve been there a few times but have never bought that many items, but some of IKEA items can be spotted on some of my previous posts. The items bought during the last trip to IKEA are:

My mother said “it’s for kids”, but I don’t care LOL because it’s cute and the one for adults isn’t cute.

A lint roller is a must have item in my home because my dog sheds almost everywhere!

My mother’s friends kept coming to the new house and she thought we’d need more chairs.
4. No idea what the names are

That toothbrush holder is my mom’s and that one is to clean glasses/windows, obviously.

Kitchen stuff, my mother’s. I don’t even think those are quite needed for now. 
6. ASPEKT & that IKEA 365+ knife

My mother said we didn’t have a knife that’s suitable for meats. It’s not the biggest one sold in IKEA though.

I’m actually the one who needs this. I decided to hang all of my t-shirts so they won’t get crumpled easily.

I honestly think this one is a waste of money, although it’s not that expensive. But we had enough napkins already.

I finally fell for IKEA scented candles. Sinnlig is supposed to smell like vanilla and bräcka is supposed to chocolatey sweet treats(?). I don’t recognize that thing in the picture but it didn’t even smell like anything when I lighted it. I was disappointed. I have yet to light the sinnlig and I hope it won’t disappoint me because I love vanilla scented candles!

I think we’ve bought these several times already (even before IKEA came to Indonesia) and yet some of them just kept vanishing.

These Kalas plates and bowls are cute, aren’t they?? Too bad my mom didn’t buy the spoons and forks too.
That’s all. I still wanna go there to buy that nerdy pillow that I want. I don’t know when I’ll go there again though. 
What was the last thing(s) you bought at IKEA?

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