July 15, 2015

Hello Kitty Storage Box

I used to buy a lot of Japanese magazines and since they’re kinda expensive so I’m not going to throw them ever. I especially bought a storage box that I’ve seen a few times at Ace Hardware but never got a chance to buy it because I couldn’t think of anything to put in there, until I realized that I need a place for those magazines. So I bought this Hello Kitty Storage Box!
I can’t remember the exact price but it’s around IDR 200K.
There’s another hello kitty box but the sides are just plain black (and cheaper), so I chose this one since it’s cuter. I think I gave too much saturation in this pic that its colors kinda annoy me in this pic( ̄~ ̄;)
See…….. It’s so cute, isn’t it??? Actually the lid is kinda soft, so it can be used as a stool as well! 
However since it’s really full of magazines, it’s so heavy that I had a hard time moving it around. So I don’t think it’ll be used as a stool.

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