July 19, 2015

Fluffy Dog Bed

I bought a new bed for my dog!!!
Isn’t he cute?? The bed has a pocket on it so he can go inside it and it’s very comfortable (even for me)!!
I bought this fluffy bed at Ace Hardware Living World, Alam Sutera. Actually I’ve seen this bed a few times before, in all Ace Hardware that I’ve been. It was IDR 229K and I think it’s worth it because the bed is really soft and fluffy and cute!
The size is XS but I’m glad that it fits for my dog perfectly! He doesn’t move a lot while sleeping so I thought this size would be perfect for him, to curl up in a fluffy bed LOL. It also said fluffy feather-like relaxing elegance(???) LOL. There’s also anti slip on the bottom!
I only saw this color, and I think it’s the only color available. But there were several different sizes though.
My dog looked like he really enjoyed it and wouldn’t move anywhere for a long time, but………………
He ends up sleeping on the floor again. Oh well……… I guess he likes the floor better because it’s cool. At least he’s using the blanket that I bought at Ace Hardware too LOL

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