July 23, 2015

Daiso haul #4 {July 2015}

It’s been almost a years since my last Daiso haul! The price is quite expensive now (IDR 25K) which is more than twice as the price in Japan (100yen = IDR10.764). I went to Daiso several times since the last time I post about haul #3, but nothing really caught me and I didn’t really need anything to buy either. I went to the one in Kota Kasablanka, Bay Walk Pluit, and AEON mall in BSD City. 
However since I just recently moved to the new house so I need some stuff for my room. Luckily, my mother told me to go to Kota Kasablanka which is near to her office to have dinner with her yesterday so I got to go to Daiso too.

I have a looooooooot of random little things and I need some kind of storage to store them. I actually just put them in my Hello Kitty cabinets but it’s messy and the doors are made from glasses so people could see the mess inside it. 
I initially wanted to buy some cute boxes, but they weren’t so cute and most of them are very small. The big ones were either ugly or their corners were damaged. So I bought some baskets instead.

I really love this one because it’s like the shopping basket in supermarkets. I use them to put all of my nail related stuff. This cute little pink basket makes me easy to carry them because I can just cary them all at once!

I had a hard time choosing the pink one or blue one. I ended up buying the blue one instead because the sky blue is really pretty and most of my stuff are pink already. This one totally holds all of my random stuff like rubik cubes, several kinds of cables, and such.

This pink bucket is very cute and smaller than baskets you find in super markets. It’s like the mini version of a bucket! I use this to store all random stuff that I put on my table which was a total mess. As you can see, there are all kind of stuff inside that bucket LOL

I actually don’t really need this one because I don’t really like wearing slippers at home. But my feet got dirty quite often so I decided to get a pair. Actually I wanted to buy Hello Kitty slippers, but this one feels really good because of those dots on the surface. It’s actually smaller than my size but I still bought it because I couldn’t find my size.

Meanwhile, my mother bought these tools because we couldn’t find our tools when we were assembling IKEA chairs.
I’m going to Japan this September and I plan to buy a looooooot of things from Daiso there. I can’t wait for my next haul!

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