July 27, 2015


Thank you for screwing with my life for the last 3 years in a good way. It’s been such a great pleasure and I’m both happy and sad and worried :D In the future too, よろしくお願いします!!

July 26, 2015

Johnny’s Net


July 23, 2015

Daiso haul #4 {July 2015}

It’s been almost a years since my last Daiso haul! The price is quite expensive now (IDR 25K) which is more than twice as the price in Japan (100yen = IDR10.764). I went to Daiso several times since the last time I post about haul #3, but nothing really caught me and I didn’t really need anything to buy either. I went to the one in Kota Kasablanka, Bay Walk Pluit, and AEON mall in BSD City. 
However since I just recently moved to the new house so I need some stuff for my room. Luckily, my mother told me to go to Kota Kasablanka which is near to her office to have dinner with her yesterday so I got to go to Daiso too.

I have a looooooooot of random little things and I need some kind of storage to store them. I actually just put them in my Hello Kitty cabinets but it’s messy and the doors are made from glasses so people could see the mess inside it. 
I initially wanted to buy some cute boxes, but they weren’t so cute and most of them are very small. The big ones were either ugly or their corners were damaged. So I bought some baskets instead.

I really love this one because it’s like the shopping basket in supermarkets. I use them to put all of my nail related stuff. This cute little pink basket makes me easy to carry them because I can just cary them all at once!

I had a hard time choosing the pink one or blue one. I ended up buying the blue one instead because the sky blue is really pretty and most of my stuff are pink already. This one totally holds all of my random stuff like rubik cubes, several kinds of cables, and such.

This pink bucket is very cute and smaller than baskets you find in super markets. It’s like the mini version of a bucket! I use this to store all random stuff that I put on my table which was a total mess. As you can see, there are all kind of stuff inside that bucket LOL

I actually don’t really need this one because I don’t really like wearing slippers at home. But my feet got dirty quite often so I decided to get a pair. Actually I wanted to buy Hello Kitty slippers, but this one feels really good because of those dots on the surface. It’s actually smaller than my size but I still bought it because I couldn’t find my size.

Meanwhile, my mother bought these tools because we couldn’t find our tools when we were assembling IKEA chairs.
I’m going to Japan this September and I plan to buy a looooooot of things from Daiso there. I can’t wait for my next haul!

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July 21, 2015

IKEA Haul {July 2015}


I went to IKEA again last Sunday because my mother wanted to buy several things. It was very crowded because it’s a days after the eid al-fitr holiday. I’m pretty sure people who are coming to Jakarta went to IKEA because it’s still the only one in Indonesia, although it’s technically in Alam Sutera, Tangerang. 
It was very uncomfortable looking at things there because it’s very very very crowded and those people made the place felt hot and difficult to move. What’s more annoying was seeing a guy with that huge shopping cart with only one small item in it, and it’s only one fucking toilet brush which cost less than 20K OMFG!
Anyway, we bought quite a lot items there. We’ve been there a few times but have never bought that many items, but some of IKEA items can be spotted on some of my previous posts. The items bought during the last trip to IKEA are:

My mother said “it’s for kids”, but I don’t care LOL because it’s cute and the one for adults isn’t cute.

A lint roller is a must have item in my home because my dog sheds almost everywhere!

My mother’s friends kept coming to the new house and she thought we’d need more chairs.
4. No idea what the names are

That toothbrush holder is my mom’s and that one is to clean glasses/windows, obviously.

Kitchen stuff, my mother’s. I don’t even think those are quite needed for now. 
6. ASPEKT & that IKEA 365+ knife

My mother said we didn’t have a knife that’s suitable for meats. It’s not the biggest one sold in IKEA though.

I’m actually the one who needs this. I decided to hang all of my t-shirts so they won’t get crumpled easily.

I honestly think this one is a waste of money, although it’s not that expensive. But we had enough napkins already.

I finally fell for IKEA scented candles. Sinnlig is supposed to smell like vanilla and bräcka is supposed to chocolatey sweet treats(?). I don’t recognize that thing in the picture but it didn’t even smell like anything when I lighted it. I was disappointed. I have yet to light the sinnlig and I hope it won’t disappoint me because I love vanilla scented candles!

I think we’ve bought these several times already (even before IKEA came to Indonesia) and yet some of them just kept vanishing.

These Kalas plates and bowls are cute, aren’t they?? Too bad my mom didn’t buy the spoons and forks too.
That’s all. I still wanna go there to buy that nerdy pillow that I want. I don’t know when I’ll go there again though. 
What was the last thing(s) you bought at IKEA?


I wanna post about IKEA haul but I’m too lazy to give my blog url to the pics………. I wish I could do them instantly. And I’m still not sure to post it to my own blog or to craze and crave.
It’s the last week of holiday so I really want to spend it by doing nothing productive. I did nothing but watching tv, sleeping, and eating yesterday.
and I just realized that the TV I’m renting in Japan is quite small………………..

July 19, 2015

Fluffy Dog Bed

I bought a new bed for my dog!!!
Isn’t he cute?? The bed has a pocket on it so he can go inside it and it’s very comfortable (even for me)!!
I bought this fluffy bed at Ace Hardware Living World, Alam Sutera. Actually I’ve seen this bed a few times before, in all Ace Hardware that I’ve been. It was IDR 229K and I think it’s worth it because the bed is really soft and fluffy and cute!
The size is XS but I’m glad that it fits for my dog perfectly! He doesn’t move a lot while sleeping so I thought this size would be perfect for him, to curl up in a fluffy bed LOL. It also said fluffy feather-like relaxing elegance(???) LOL. There’s also anti slip on the bottom!
I only saw this color, and I think it’s the only color available. But there were several different sizes though.
My dog looked like he really enjoyed it and wouldn’t move anywhere for a long time, but………………
He ends up sleeping on the floor again. Oh well……… I guess he likes the floor better because it’s cool. At least he’s using the blanket that I bought at Ace Hardware too LOL

July 16, 2015

Summer Holiday

I finally did something productive today, writing a new post for Craze and Crave. I actually have tons of ideas to write for that blog, but I’m just too lazy to take the pics needed for those posts.
I have 2 weeks off, thanks to eid al-fitr holiday. I finally get to enjoy the summer holiday that I supposed to have but can’t because I have to retake a class. I don’t really go anywhere because it’s freaking far away from the city so I’m just enjoying the new home.
I’ve been spending my days by watching TV, blogs, tumblr, reddit, being irritated and frustrated by chatting with my friends, eating, and sleeping. I love being lazy~

July 15, 2015


Apparently my mom loves flowers. I kinda like them, but they’re like the place for bees and butterflies and any other insects and I hate insects. Sadly, there’s quite a lot of flowers planted in the front yard although most of them aren’t bloomed yet. However, there’s a little tree full of flowers and it’s actually quite pretty to look at.
I was watering them yesterday and it was really hard because there’s a bee flying nearby and just won’t go away.
I even saw a spider which was scary as well, no matter how small it is. No. Just no.
I think I’m more suitable and comfortable living in the apartment in the city, because it’s convenient and insects free. I like living here too though. And it’s more comfortable for my dog too.

Hello Kitty Storage Box

I used to buy a lot of Japanese magazines and since they’re kinda expensive so I’m not going to throw them ever. I especially bought a storage box that I’ve seen a few times at Ace Hardware but never got a chance to buy it because I couldn’t think of anything to put in there, until I realized that I need a place for those magazines. So I bought this Hello Kitty Storage Box!
I can’t remember the exact price but it’s around IDR 200K.
There’s another hello kitty box but the sides are just plain black (and cheaper), so I chose this one since it’s cuter. I think I gave too much saturation in this pic that its colors kinda annoy me in this pic( ̄~ ̄;)
See…….. It’s so cute, isn’t it??? Actually the lid is kinda soft, so it can be used as a stool as well! 
However since it’s really full of magazines, it’s so heavy that I had a hard time moving it around. So I don’t think it’ll be used as a stool.

July 13, 2015

My Bedroom

I finally have a room that I’ve always dreamt of since I was like 10yo lol. A loft bed, a bean bag, a hello kitty rug, pink stuffs………
Sadly I don’t spend my time much here though, because there’s no TV yet. I usually just sit there on the bean bag and do some stuff on my laptop or phone, while watching something on my iPad. Or just laying down on the uber cute hello kitty rug while patting my dog.
There are hello kitty cabinets where I put most of my random stuff, and my makeup and such on the top, and some pics and utapri gachapon! And that’s my my dog’s pillow where rarely he uses to sleep.
I have IKEA’s TROMSÖ loft bed since my room is small. Having a loft bed really saves up some space! It’s kinda shaky although it seems sturdy LOL. It was so fucking hard to put the bed sheet on though.
 I tried putting some glow in the dark stars on my ceiling, but they kept falling off and I gave up. It was actually pretty good since I put it as Leo constellation since I’m a Leo!

July 12, 2015

SmartBones: Dental

I went to a pet shop with my dog to buy a chewing bone. Luckily, I found what I initially wanted to buy! It’s SmartBones Dental which could freshens the breath of a dog! 
It did freshens my dog’s stinky breath! LOL and the price was IDR 30K.
And my dog liked it a lot!! He finished it probably within an hour or so.
Why SmartBones? Because it’s the healthy alternative of rawhide bones which the vets believe that it’s not good for a dog.
I created a wishlist for my dog a while ago in Craze and Crave. I shared it to reddit and LUCKILY someone said to me that I shouldn’t buy rawhide bones for my dog because according to her vet, it’s bad for dogs. 
So I decided to look for an alternative and found out about SmartBones online. I wasn’t sure if it’s sold nearby, but luckily it was!
So it contained vegetables outside and chicken inside. I think there’s some mint too. I did bite it to try the taste (lol) and it’s indeed good! No wonder that my dog finished it fast LOL. I thought it would last for a year or so….
They have some other flavors, even peanut butter! I was really tempted to buy the peanut butter one, but my dog doesn’t seem to like peanut butter when I gave some peanut butter to him a few days ago.

July 7, 2015


I finally re-organized all of my books in the bookshelf yesterday. The moving guy who put my books there just put them randomly and all messed up. The bookshelf itself is a new one that my mom bought in Informa.
I have quite a lot of books, mostly manga though. I’ve been collecting them since I was an elementary school student. I don’t buy them as frequent as I used to though because they’re kinda expensive now.
I’m glad that I still have most of my manga. My mom kept saying to just throw them away but I’ll never do that. How can you throw away something you collect? They’re not trashes.

July 6, 2015

New Home!

Finally I got the time to post about this. Actually I’ve had plenty of time, but the internet connection has been so terrible sometimes, which made me lazy to even browse on my laptop.
We’re finally at the new home! Me, my mom, and my dog! I was driving my car and my dog was sooooooo hyped up and he didn’t even sleep in the car! We spent about one hour at the highway, then there’s an unexpected traffic at the suburb. I don’t know why though. And this happened too while I was driving at the highway during the traffic (traffic everywhere :( )
We arrived earlier than the stuffs, so we had some spare time to sit around. My dog was confused. He was still confused when people were unpacking things. He didn’t even sleep in the afternoon at all!
I guess my dog slept really well last night because he didn’t sleep at all in the afternoon. Meanwhile, I woke up every few hours and that’s depressing -_- I was hoping that I could get a good sleep too like my dog!
My body also aches everywhere. Perhaps because I moved way too much yesterday, since I don’t really do sports lately. 
I haven’t finished unpacking yet because there hello kitty cabinets are still not delivered yet. So I have no place for those stuff. But my room is so cute though! I’m gonna post a pic later when everything’s unpacked!

July 3, 2015


Most of the things are packed! It took probably around 4 hours to pack them all. Luckily my mom hired a moving service so we have guys who packed everything.
There are 40 boxes and I didn’t expect it to be that much! Because we live in a small apartment so I thought there wouldn’t be a lot of things to pack.
We’ll start moving at around 8am. I’m pretty sure I’m still gonna be sleepy during that time because I’ll probably sleep at 1am or 2am tonight.
And I just washed my hair but I can’t dry it because the hair dryer is already in the box and I don’t know which one :/
I’m surely gonna miss this place though!

Tomorrow is moving day!

I’m both excited and sad for it. Because I won’t be living in the city anymore, and it’s gonna take longer time to go anywhere. But I’m gonna live in a new house instead of this small and packed apartment! But I really love living here in the apartment because it’s located in a strategic place, and very convenient!
Anyway, the stuffs are being packed right now and I’m very sleepy because I don’t have enough sleep last night because of something that I may or may not write on a separate post.
And I still haven’t bought blank canvases for my room. I planned to paint some things and hang them on my room.

July 2, 2015

KFC Whole Chicken Bucket

I was craving for fried chicken for 2 days because of my friend. He showed me a picture of baked apple and oat or something and I mistook it as fried chicken. So I asked my friend to go to KFC with me.
We finally went to KFC yesterday right after we finished this term final examination. We ordered the whole chicken bucket!! It consisted of 3 breasts, 2 thighs, 2 drumsticks, and 2 wings.
Look at how happy I was when I was about to eat the chicken LOL.
The basket was too big for 9 pieces of chicken so it looks nothing like their promotional pic. I actually like their O.R. chicken better than the crispy one, but my friend likes the crispy one so we ended up ordering the crispy one instead.
I ate 2 breast, 1 thigh, 1 drumstick, and 1 wing. I honestly can’t believe that I could eat that much LOL. I finally finished eating them within one hour. I’m still full up till now. I think I won’t eat fried chicken for a few weeks because of this LOL.