June 3, 2015

Too Cute To Be True

I recently opened my own online store on Instagram
Why? I really need some extra bucks 。:゚(。ノω\。)゚・。
The name of the store is “Too Cute to Be True”. Cute, isn’t it?? LOL
I wanted to use another name, but I actually have kinda reserved that name for my own clothing line in the future (AMEN). So I just decided “Too Cute To Be True”. It’s inspired from that song “Can’t take my eyes off you”. It’s sung by the Johnny’s haafu that sing English songs quite often lately: Marius, Jesse, Ryo, and that guy who likes Yamada Ryosuke.
I’m just a distributor though. I use the dropship method so I don’t have to stock the stuck in my place. The supplier is pretty nice and the cases are totally cute!! I wanna buy them all!
It’s only been 2 days since I opened the store. I still haven’t got any customer yet. There were some people who asked for some cases but I don’t sell cases for their types. I wish a lot of people would buy the stuff in my store soon!

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