June 4, 2015


I went rafting 2 weeks ago! It’s an event held by the swimming club of my uni. I’ve wanted to try rafting for a while, and my friends are the leader and vice leader of the club and they have helped me quite a lot. So I thought I’d be going as a gratitude after all this time. It’s my 1st time to go another club’s event as well!
It wasn’t as fun as I thought. Perhaps because the river was kinda shallow that day since it hadn’t rained for a few days. I didn’t really enjoy it either because I was in my period. I was more bothered by the insects flying here and there rather than falling out of the raft (luckily I didn’t!).
It was a great event overall, and I really enjoyed the lunch LOL. It was just rice, tempeh, tofu, and chicken but it’s yummy! I was really bored waiting everyone to finish taking a shower though. And I barely knew anyone there, just 7 out of probably 70s or 80s people. I also met my former classmate there but she was participating another event. Anyway, great job guys!
I do want to do rafting again with TB. I’m sure it’d be way more fun because it’s with TB!

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