June 2, 2015

Jakarta Fair 2015

I finally went to Pekan Raya Jakarta (PRJ) a.k.a. Jakarta Fair!!! It’s my first time to go to Jakarta Fair in Kemayoran! It’s an event to celebrate Jakarta’s birthday. I went there on its 3rd day, which is Sunday, with my mom to look for some furniture. It’s gonna be held until July 5th. I went to one in Monas for some work 2 years ago, but it’s quite different compared to the one in Kemayoran. The one in kemayoran was definitely bigger and crowder!
My mom bought a vanity desk and a swing chair. I like the swing chair! It’ll be delivered next week to the new house. I bought two hello kitty shelves!

There’s a section where it’s all sanrio furnitures! Mostly were hello kitty, and for kids. I was kinda hesitated going there because it’s full of ittle girls. But I went there eventually lol. There’s also a section for disney princesses!

They said they only sell it in Jakarta Fair. They don’t even have a store, just the factory. And there’s a very cute hello kitty bed!!!!! If I hadn’t bought a bed, I’d definitely buy that one!

Then there’s also this pink-red batik fabric that caught my eyes while I was wandering around the booths. It was 50k. I don’t know whether it’s cheap or not. I will wear it during my graduation next year! I really wanna graduate asap because I want to make a skirt out of this fabric! It’ll be totally cute!!

I also bought a photo frame! I’m planning to put TB pics on it. I will have to look for portrait pics though since I think most of our pics are landscape.
I also bought a very cute hello kitty rug, aromatherapy oils and a few batik clothes, but I haven’t taken their pics yet.
It’s really fun to shop in Jakarta Fair! I wanna go there again soon, but the entry fee was rather expensive though. It’s IDR 30k because it’s Sunday. Definitely worth it though! Sadly I didn’t watch the concert there at all. There was Jikustik when I was going to the car to go home. And there’s Ari Lasso yesterday!!! I really wanna watch Ari Lasso again someday.

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