June 18, 2015

Hello Kitty!

I finally bought the Hello Kitty bag that I’ve wanted since 3 years ago!!!! 
There is 3 version of this bag. The black one (this one), white with pink ribbon, and white with red ribbon. I like both the black one and white with pink ribbon. However, the white one will definitely get dirty faster than the black one, especially if it’s used by me LOL. So I bought the black one instead
The bag was 50% off so the price was only IDR249.5K! The original price was IDR499K and I didn’t wanna spend that much money for a bag LOL. It usually was only 30% off. I’m glad that I didn’t bought it when it’s only 30% off!
I bought it at Chibiland. I also bought my snoopy backpack there. I think I didn’t create a post about it though ╥﹏╥
What makes me even happier is my laptop fits perfectly inside the bag! I’m soooo gonna using this to uni and work. I think I’m gonna bring this to JP as well. I think I’m bringing way too many bags that I need to JP (; ̄ェ ̄)
I also bought this Hello Kitty doll for only IDR 35K!! It’s such a great deal for Hello Kitty stuff! This size of doll usually cost around IDR 70K. I’m so happy~

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