June 25, 2015

Glico Pocky x JKT48

I posted about the double chocolate pocky yesterday. I wanted to eat it again today so I bought some more~

The other reason is because I want to get the stickers LOL (⌒_⌒;)

So I got Haruka from team J (soon to be team T), Cindy Yuvia aka Yupi from team KIII, Andela from team T, and Naomi from team KIII (the captain!). I’m kinda sad that I got two Naomi stickers (︶︹︺)

So there are 5 of them on my book LOL. It’s a nice thing to collect something. I love collecting things!

Most of the messages are in Bahasa.

Frieska’s message is still the best! I wonder what other stickers that I haven’t had yet are saying. 
I wish I had these kind of stickers but with Johnny’s boys instead (︶︹︺) it’d be much more fun since I’m way more into them. But JKT48 the only idol group in my country yet, soooooo…………..

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