June 23, 2015

Fun at IKEA

Last Sunday was pretty awesome……until I saw something on reddit.
Anyway, I met with my friends last Sunday. I went to pick up T at her home first. We were actually going to do karaoke. Unfortunately it’s the ramadan months and the place where we’re going was closed (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) I really wanted to do karaoke!!!
So we went to M@AS to buy some pizzas in Domino’s Pizza. We met with C there. Unfortunately (again) it’s not opened yet!! (༎ຶ ෴ ༎ຶ) But it’s already listed on google…. I was so sad, because I was the one who wanted to eat pizzas. So we went to black ball instead, and I had grass jelly shaved ice.
Then we went to IKEA, because I was looking for some pillows for my new room. We then met M there. 
I was planning to buy the cloud shaped pillow. I’ve seen it a few times since my first visit there. I finally bought it last Sunday!
It’s kinda cute, isn’t it? LOL o(≧∇≦o) We were also playing with puppets there and I ended up buying one too.
The owl is really cute too, right?! o(≧∇≦o) I’m planning to use it for the blog I have with the girls. 
Yes! We have a blog together! It’s still pretty much dead and I’m the only one who has posted there. I hope the others can post something soon there, because I’m dead serious about that blog!

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