May 7, 2015


So guys. Here’s the thing. Digimon Tri will be released in 6 movies. Movies. So it’ll be aired in Cinemas. Cinema in Japan. Then probably in other countries. The first movie will be released in November 21, 2015 WHICH IS WHEN I’LL MOST PROBABLY IN JAPAN. THAT’S WHY I CAN’T STOP SMILING AND I’M JUST SO FUCKING HAPPY. AT LEAST LEAVING MY DOG HERE AND GOING TO JAPAN ISN’T WORSE AS I EXPECTED BECAUSE I CAN WATCH DIGIMON TRI ON THE DAY OF ITS RELEASE. Sorry for you guys whom cannot watch it on the day of the release. I’ll probably won’t get to watch some of the movies in Japan either since I’ll be going back to my country in either February or March.

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