May 8, 2015


I bought Facetune a few days ago. I watched the app was used by BuzzFeed staff and I was tempted to try it as well. They said it’s used by Kim K too LOL. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Since my main phone is S4, so I purchased it in Google Play Store. I was thinking to buy it on my iPad but I’d probably too lazy importing pics and stuff.
It’s IDR 50k (without tax). I bought using the carrier billing method, which I guess is just recently introduced. I’m glad I don’t have to buy it with my mom’s credit card (I don’t have one) because she would probably complain about it.
I tried the app right away (when I was supposed to be studying for midterms) and it was amazing! 
There are quite a lot of tools. There’s even one to whiten your teeth! The tools I used the most was the Patch, Tone, Details, and Smooth tools since I mainly use it to ‘fix’ my eye bags.
As you can see, the result is great! Actually it’s my first edit so it’s kinda rough. However, my horrifying eye bags are pretty much gone! I hate my eye bags and I’ve looked for an app that can remove those filthy bags from my face. Photoshop can do that, but I’m just too lazy to edit pics on my laptop. I’ve been practicing by editing my friends’ pics so I hope I can get better in the future. 
and yes that’s a poop shaped bread.

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