May 30, 2015


I just changed my tumblr theme!! I’ve always used the cargo theme but suddenly I wanted to change it, so I did! I’m currently using Armanc by leen themes. I don’t know which one I like better, each one of them has their pros and cons that I don’t wanna think about because it’s 4am already and I have to get up probably around 9am.

Like Owner Like Dog

Like Owner Like Dog

Kim Kardashian: Hollywood

I know it’s a little too late to play the Kim Kardashian game, but it’s better than never right?! I used to play the Stardom game on my iPhone, made it to the A-List, but I lost the data because I upgraded the iOS. I also have Stardom: Hollywood in my iPad. I kinda neglected it for months and I just started playing it again recently. Then I decided to play the Kim Kardashian version as well. 

I thought I’d play her character in the game, but I don’t. She acts as my star mentor and helps me to get into some events and so on.

My character is the one on the left, and kim is the one on the right. I don’t know that girl between us though.

The Jenners are also in the game! I love the Jenners!
I’m still a D-lister though so there’s still a lot of people who won’t talk to me. I hope I’ll be an A-lister soon!
It’s kinda hard to play this game because they can’t be paused and if you’re on a mission, then it’ll continue going even when you’re asleep. So I set an alarm every 2 hours so I can get 5 stars on the mission. I’m on a 24 hours mission on my Stardom: Hollywood. I really wish I can pause the game so I don’t have to wake up in the middle of the night just to play the game :/

May 19, 2015


Happy birthday Fido!!!!!
I’m so happy and grateful that you’re in my life. I love you sooooo much!
Although you get grumpy sometimes, I’m glad that you’re still healthy, energetic, and cheerful as ever! 

May 8, 2015

Poop Breads

There’s this another food bazaar last week. I went there and I finally found something new. Poop breads by Pooki Bbang!
It’s IDR 15k each and there’s two flavors available, nutella and vanilla custard. I bought the nutella filled one. It was yummy of course. It’s nutella filled poop afterall LOL.
I have no idea who started the idea. But Pooki Bbang said that they’re the first one to say the korean poop breads in Indonesia. I kinda like the shape of poop in cartoon so I wish this will have a good sales in the future. Good luck, Pooki Bbang!


I bought Facetune a few days ago. I watched the app was used by BuzzFeed staff and I was tempted to try it as well. They said it’s used by Kim K too LOL. It’s available for both iOS and Android. Since my main phone is S4, so I purchased it in Google Play Store. I was thinking to buy it on my iPad but I’d probably too lazy importing pics and stuff.
It’s IDR 50k (without tax). I bought using the carrier billing method, which I guess is just recently introduced. I’m glad I don’t have to buy it with my mom’s credit card (I don’t have one) because she would probably complain about it.
I tried the app right away (when I was supposed to be studying for midterms) and it was amazing! 
There are quite a lot of tools. There’s even one to whiten your teeth! The tools I used the most was the Patch, Tone, Details, and Smooth tools since I mainly use it to ‘fix’ my eye bags.
As you can see, the result is great! Actually it’s my first edit so it’s kinda rough. However, my horrifying eye bags are pretty much gone! I hate my eye bags and I’ve looked for an app that can remove those filthy bags from my face. Photoshop can do that, but I’m just too lazy to edit pics on my laptop. I’ve been practicing by editing my friends’ pics so I hope I can get better in the future. 
and yes that’s a poop shaped bread.

May 7, 2015


So guys. Here’s the thing. Digimon Tri will be released in 6 movies. Movies. So it’ll be aired in Cinemas. Cinema in Japan. Then probably in other countries. The first movie will be released in November 21, 2015 WHICH IS WHEN I’LL MOST PROBABLY IN JAPAN. THAT’S WHY I CAN’T STOP SMILING AND I’M JUST SO FUCKING HAPPY. AT LEAST LEAVING MY DOG HERE AND GOING TO JAPAN ISN’T WORSE AS I EXPECTED BECAUSE I CAN WATCH DIGIMON TRI ON THE DAY OF ITS RELEASE. Sorry for you guys whom cannot watch it on the day of the release. I’ll probably won’t get to watch some of the movies in Japan either since I’ll be going back to my country in either February or March.

May 1, 2015


My sticker is finally released on LINE! 
Let me introduce you, the onigiri-shaped bunny “Usamimi”!

It costs only 50 coins and can be purchased on LINE Store
It’s actually the first set I made. I submitted it to LINE last November. After about a month under their review, I had to revise it once. However it took months after I revised it to finally get the approval. Finally they emailed me yesterday. I’m soooo happy and excited and delighted because it took months for this to finally get done.
I initially made it to use it on my own, but I really appreciate if you do as well ♥