April 28, 2015

Cotton On Haul

I love Cotton On. It’s an Australian clothing line. I think it’s only been a few years since they expanded the business to Indonesia. I purchased their stuff pretty often lately. And they always have sale up to 70% off for their older collection. Who doesn’t love discounted items??

I bought these skirts for IDR300k. They got a pretty good marketing trick, buy selling stuff cheaper if you buy 2 items within the same category. It’s supposed to be IDR200k each.
I’ve had several skirts. But these ones have pockets! I couldn’t resist to not buy them LOL.

This short is from the older collection, so it’s 70% off! It was only IDR75k. The original price was IDR250k! The size is actually bigger for me, but I can just resize it later. And it’s leopard print!

Mine is the white one, the other one is my mom’s. I love the blue-black too though since the gradient is quite pretty. And no, it’s not white and gold LOL.

The last one is Hello Kitty flat shoes! I was kinda disappointed with this one because the price tag sad it’s IDR60k but it’s actually IDR100k. I still bought it though since my shoes are mostly broken now, so I have very limited choice of shoes to wear to campus and work. The original price was IDR200k.

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