April 30, 2015

Let me pass

It happened again. I guess I really suck at math. I hope the grade will be okay though. I really hope so. I don’t wanna retake the class next year.
Numerical methods. F you. You’re supposed to be easy. You didn’t have to be hard on yourself. Don’t be like calculus. Damn.

April 28, 2015

Cotton On Haul

I love Cotton On. It’s an Australian clothing line. I think it’s only been a few years since they expanded the business to Indonesia. I purchased their stuff pretty often lately. And they always have sale up to 70% off for their older collection. Who doesn’t love discounted items??

I bought these skirts for IDR300k. They got a pretty good marketing trick, buy selling stuff cheaper if you buy 2 items within the same category. It’s supposed to be IDR200k each.
I’ve had several skirts. But these ones have pockets! I couldn’t resist to not buy them LOL.

This short is from the older collection, so it’s 70% off! It was only IDR75k. The original price was IDR250k! The size is actually bigger for me, but I can just resize it later. And it’s leopard print!

Mine is the white one, the other one is my mom’s. I love the blue-black too though since the gradient is quite pretty. And no, it’s not white and gold LOL.

The last one is Hello Kitty flat shoes! I was kinda disappointed with this one because the price tag sad it’s IDR60k but it’s actually IDR100k. I still bought it though since my shoes are mostly broken now, so I have very limited choice of shoes to wear to campus and work. The original price was IDR200k.

April 27, 2015

Baywalk Mall

I went to Baywalk Mall for the first time yesterday. It’s located in Pluit, Jakarta. It’s surrounded by apartments from the same developer, Green Bay Pluit. The concept of the mall is it’s located right at the bay. So the view is supposed to be good. Sadly the sea was dirty so it’s not blue.
The sky was quite pretty. Then like 15min later it became cloudy.

I didn’t plan to be there until night, but I was. The peacock lighted up quite pretty in the night. There’s also a fountain show every hour. I watched the one on 7 o’clock.
I actually went there to visit Rubi because my Rubi jelly shoes broke last week. Sadly I didn’t find the model I want so I bought nothing. I also watched the Avengers: Age of Ultron there. Yay!


April 22, 2015

Evening Sky

The sky was very pretty earlier this evening. I could even see the stars which is super rare in my city. There’s a lot of stars but only the brightest one that appears on the pic.
The sky was very pretty earlier this evening. I could even see the stars which is super rare in my city. There’s a lot of stars but only the brightest one that appears on the pic.

April 21, 2015

Cotton Candy Frappuccino

There’s a special promo for LINE users from Starbucks Indonesia. 
I got a coupon from my C. Yay! Thanks for the coupon!
Cotton Candy Frappuccino is one of Starbucks Secret menu. But they somehow made it not so secret with this promo. Is it official now?
Anyway, I redeemed the coupon to get a tall sized of frappuccino for only IDR25k (USD1.95).
I’m not a raspberry fan, so the taste was just fine foe mr. The pink color reminded me to sakura flower which should be blooming in Japan right now.
Talking about Japan, have I told you that I applied a student exchange program in Japan? and I got accepted yay! at least from my uni…. but it’s like 90% that I’ll go there next semester. Yay~

Another FW

It’s been almost a month since the last time I wrote. I wish I could keep writing even though I was super busy. The farewell party was kinda messed up because of traffic jam. People praised the decoration though. I personally like the photo booth decoration very much. 
Good job to my team! Sadly we didn’t take a full team picture though. There should be 9 of us.
I again didn’t get to eat the food this year. The people whom graduated this year was quite important to me and I like them a lot. That’s why I made sure to give my best to this event.
Anyway, お疲れ様でした!!!