March 20, 2015

Kalimati Seafood

I went to Kalimati to eat some seafood after playing for a few hours in Dufan. It’s located in Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta) near Mangga Dua area. Some of my friends were really eager to have dinner there, so we went there.
It’s a street food kind of seafood, and the place only an open air tent kind of place. It’s not as cheap as I thought, and not as good as I thought either. There were a lot of different tents, and I think every one of them were selling seafood.
I sat with 5 others and we didn’t order that much, and we spent around IDR 30k per person. The servings (esp the fish) were pretty small. I thought I could spend only around IDR 20k. I haven’t eaten in such a place for years.

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