March 10, 2015

Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2015

I went to Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2015 aka Jaktoys Fair 2015 last Sunday. It’s 11th Toys Fair in Jakarta but it’s my 1st time going there. My mission was pretty much the same with my mission to AFA last year, to buy some Uta no Prince-sama (Ichinose Tokiya, precisely) stuff. Yet I couldn’t find anything! I tried scanning every little to big stuff sold over there, but I couldn’t see Tokiya anywhere :( 

I did find a lot of Hello Kitty stuff over there but I didn’t buy anything. There’s a lot of cool action figures and diorama being displayed. One of the main display was Lego stuff but I didn’t take pics of them, since I didn’t see anything that’s wonderful.

There’s also Ultraman Live Action show which I wanted to watch. Sadly I arrived there pretty late so by the time I arrived the show almost ended.

and there’s also Transformers cosplay which was so cooooool!

I also cosplayed myself as Kashiwazaki Sena from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. It’s my 1st time to cosplay and I thought I’d be embarrassed because people tend to stare to cosplayers, but I didn’t. Perhaps because I’ve grown to the stare of people because of my hair. I kinda had a hard time changing my clothes in the restroom, luckily my friend helped me there :D

I went there with my friend whom I met on an online game probably around 10 years ago. I’m glad we still keep in touch until now~ I asked her to wear her rogue costume but she didn’t wanna wear it :(

I met some of my colleagues there. I was so shocked lol. I wish I was a bit slimmer so those ridiculous fats on my belly wouldn’t show up -_- There’s a guy who asked to take a pic with me and he looked soooooo happy. Perhaps I’d be like that when I found someone cosplaying as Ichinose Tokiya. I didn’t mind taking pics with them, however I’m not photogenic and not that slim so I was actually not really confident. 

I also took a pic with Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars because some suggested to start watching Star Wars. I’ve never watched Star Wars before lol.

I got a free kamen rider uchiwa there. I’m planning to turn it to be Nakajima Kento uchiwa since I’m not really a fan of kamen rider lol. Sorry for kamen rider fans who are reading this post!

I was there from 2pm-5pm because I need to go somewhere else at night. I really appreciate those who liked my cosplay although I’m not as slim as the real Kashiwazaki Sena. Thank you!

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