March 19, 2015

Dufan Hello Kitty Adventure

I went to Dufan yesterday. It’s been 2 years since the last time I went there. There’s a new attraction called Hello Kitty Adventure.
Sorry for the blurry pic because I took it in a rush. It’s located in the same building as the Ice Age attraction. I thought it’d be like the winnie the pooh attraction in Disneyland, but it wasn’t. It’s a short movie of hello  kitty and some statues and interactive mural paintings. I was honestly kinda disappointed, since I’m quite a Hello Kitty fan.
I only rode a few attractions, Hysteria, Halilintar, that kiddie roller coaster, tilt house, mirror house, shooting range, that swingy ice age boat, niagara gara, and tornado.
My favorite one is still Tornado. Only a few of my friends that screamed though so I was kinda bored there. I did have a good laugh while being spun.
Probably I was the happiest person in that ride for that moment. I even waved to the camera LOL.
The scariest ride for me was niagara gara. Probably because it’s only elevated by the elevating belt and we have to grab the handles by ourselves to keep us safe while sliding down.
And the sun was really hot yesterday and I kinda burnt my face. I’ve applied sun screen before I went there, but the SPF wasn’t that high so I guess it wore out. The sun was still very hot until 5pm. I was glad that I bought my umbrella to protect me from the sunshine.

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