March 22, 2015


Thank you for being there, when no one else did. I wouldn’t be able to make it if you weren’t there. I wish you were really there though.

March 20, 2015

Kalimati Seafood

I went to Kalimati to eat some seafood after playing for a few hours in Dufan. It’s located in Jakarta Utara (North Jakarta) near Mangga Dua area. Some of my friends were really eager to have dinner there, so we went there.
It’s a street food kind of seafood, and the place only an open air tent kind of place. It’s not as cheap as I thought, and not as good as I thought either. There were a lot of different tents, and I think every one of them were selling seafood.
I sat with 5 others and we didn’t order that much, and we spent around IDR 30k per person. The servings (esp the fish) were pretty small. I thought I could spend only around IDR 20k. I haven’t eaten in such a place for years.

March 19, 2015

Dufan Hello Kitty Adventure

I went to Dufan yesterday. It’s been 2 years since the last time I went there. There’s a new attraction called Hello Kitty Adventure.
Sorry for the blurry pic because I took it in a rush. It’s located in the same building as the Ice Age attraction. I thought it’d be like the winnie the pooh attraction in Disneyland, but it wasn’t. It’s a short movie of hello  kitty and some statues and interactive mural paintings. I was honestly kinda disappointed, since I’m quite a Hello Kitty fan.
I only rode a few attractions, Hysteria, Halilintar, that kiddie roller coaster, tilt house, mirror house, shooting range, that swingy ice age boat, niagara gara, and tornado.
My favorite one is still Tornado. Only a few of my friends that screamed though so I was kinda bored there. I did have a good laugh while being spun.
Probably I was the happiest person in that ride for that moment. I even waved to the camera LOL.
The scariest ride for me was niagara gara. Probably because it’s only elevated by the elevating belt and we have to grab the handles by ourselves to keep us safe while sliding down.
And the sun was really hot yesterday and I kinda burnt my face. I’ve applied sun screen before I went there, but the SPF wasn’t that high so I guess it wore out. The sun was still very hot until 5pm. I was glad that I bought my umbrella to protect me from the sunshine.

March 10, 2015

Custom T-Shirts

So I made custom t-shirts a few weeks ago for me and my high school friends, based on an inside joke. I’m glad we’re finally keeping in touch regularly again with each other. Probably that’s why I haven’t posted as much as I used to because I talk about my problems to them instead.

So we have a group cat on LINE and there’s also a translator bot who keeps making funny translation of our talks, and “Tepung bajingan” was one of them. So I decided to make t-shirts with tepung bajingan on the back for us. I didn’t make one for M though since she doesn’t wear t-shirt often, but now I kinda feel bad about it.

The front has our dogs’ names and since R and T don’t have a dog, so I put some not really random texts instead.

I’ve only worn it once so far. I hope we’ll meet up sometimes wearing those t-shirts LOL.

Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2015

I went to Jakarta Toys and Comic Fair 2015 aka Jaktoys Fair 2015 last Sunday. It’s 11th Toys Fair in Jakarta but it’s my 1st time going there. My mission was pretty much the same with my mission to AFA last year, to buy some Uta no Prince-sama (Ichinose Tokiya, precisely) stuff. Yet I couldn’t find anything! I tried scanning every little to big stuff sold over there, but I couldn’t see Tokiya anywhere :( 

I did find a lot of Hello Kitty stuff over there but I didn’t buy anything. There’s a lot of cool action figures and diorama being displayed. One of the main display was Lego stuff but I didn’t take pics of them, since I didn’t see anything that’s wonderful.

There’s also Ultraman Live Action show which I wanted to watch. Sadly I arrived there pretty late so by the time I arrived the show almost ended.

and there’s also Transformers cosplay which was so cooooool!

I also cosplayed myself as Kashiwazaki Sena from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. It’s my 1st time to cosplay and I thought I’d be embarrassed because people tend to stare to cosplayers, but I didn’t. Perhaps because I’ve grown to the stare of people because of my hair. I kinda had a hard time changing my clothes in the restroom, luckily my friend helped me there :D

I went there with my friend whom I met on an online game probably around 10 years ago. I’m glad we still keep in touch until now~ I asked her to wear her rogue costume but she didn’t wanna wear it :(

I met some of my colleagues there. I was so shocked lol. I wish I was a bit slimmer so those ridiculous fats on my belly wouldn’t show up -_- There’s a guy who asked to take a pic with me and he looked soooooo happy. Perhaps I’d be like that when I found someone cosplaying as Ichinose Tokiya. I didn’t mind taking pics with them, however I’m not photogenic and not that slim so I was actually not really confident. 

I also took a pic with Emperor Palpatine from Star Wars because some suggested to start watching Star Wars. I’ve never watched Star Wars before lol.

I got a free kamen rider uchiwa there. I’m planning to turn it to be Nakajima Kento uchiwa since I’m not really a fan of kamen rider lol. Sorry for kamen rider fans who are reading this post!

I was there from 2pm-5pm because I need to go somewhere else at night. I really appreciate those who liked my cosplay although I’m not as slim as the real Kashiwazaki Sena. Thank you!

March 9, 2015

Kashiwazaki Sena Cosplay (making of)

I was pretty busy for two weeks because I was preparing for my 1st cosplay ever! So I wanted to be Enoshima Junko from Dangan Ronpa, but I couldn’t find the wig on time because I wanted to use my own hair initially however it’s not long enough. So I decided to be Kashiwazaki Sena from Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai. 
I was never into cosplay until 2 weeks ago. I wanted to do some cosplay with my own hair before I dye my hair brown some time this year.


I bought the shoes in Pasar Baru and the cardigan in Cotton On. I was really happy because the cardigan was discounted for more than 70%. It was supposed to be around IDR300k and I was kinda unwilling to spend that much. But when I went to the cashier, the cashier said there’s some press point or something discount and I only needed to pay IDR50k! I was sooooo happy because it’s a total steal! 


The color of the shoes was too light so I painted it with acrylic paint that I’ve had since high school.
I made the skirt, butterfly and tie on my own. I sewed the tie while I was waiting for a class in campus. I didn’t care those who stared at me because I was sewing in front of the classroom, on the floor, where a lot of people going here and there lol. I wouldn’t have time to make it else I did it there.
I failed at making the skirt, so I had to buy the fabric again. I bought the first one in Pasar Baru, but it’s kinda expensive there so I went to Tanah Abang for the second one. I actually almost failed again but luckily I didn’t.  I finished the skirt just one day before the day I cosplayed because I was busy with another things as well. And the first lace I bought was too short so I had to buy another one. I went to ITC Roxy Mas but I couldn’t find any parking slot so I went to Senayan City. Since I don’t have a sewing machine, so I had to sew all of them by hand. 
Then I modified the socks. I bought the black socks, but there’s no yellow line on it. So I added it using a yellow ribbon.
The last thing I made was the butterfly. I just sketched roughly on the paper and cut it and drew the pattern on it. Glad that it didn’t turn out awful lol! Then I sticked it with doubled sided tape to a hair clip.


I wasn’t too happy with the result at first, but I grew into liking it eventually. I actually really like the hair clip since it’s so pretty and makes my self pretty hehe~